Is the Lantern Festival cold?Look at the old farmer’s proverb is how to say, still accurate?

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As a farmer, food is our life and one of our main sources of income, so weather can directly affect the growth of crops and our lives.The good news is that there are better weather forecasts and supercomputers that can give warning.Since the beginning of February, it is not my friends in northeast China who feel the cold of winter, but the People in Guangdong who have been crying for heat. According to the weather data in the past few days, the temperature in south China is the coldest in the first month.The average temperature in guangxi, Guangdong and other parts of the country was more than 4 degrees lower than normal, so it was relatively cold for people in the south this month.In ancient times, there was no scientific weather forecast system like ours, and the predictions were based on several generations of people keeping records of the weather and combining them with their labors, which led to the proverbs we speak today to guide farming.It’s easy to say now, but it’s a very long process.Take the 24 solar terms for example. In order to determine the solar terms, our ancestors would observe the length of the shadow and the Angle of the sun during the day and the change of the position of the stars at night, and record the weather conditions on that day.By recording for a long time, a rough average data is finally collected to determine the approximate day of a solar term.This work needs several generations to jointly complete, the father to observe the method and recorded data to his son, son to his son, from generation to generation, which can be imagined as hard, so, the birth of a solar term is very long.The ancient calendar experts began to observe and record from the Xia Dynasty, until the Shang Dynasty to determine the winter solstice and summer solstice.After a long period of observation and recording, until the Western Zhou Dynasty established the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox.In the Spring and Autumn Period, four solar terms were added: Start of Spring, Start of summer, Start of Autumn and Start of Winter. In the Warring States Period, sixteen solar terms were added.Finally, it was not until the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty that the complete 24 solar terms were added to the calendar.You see, this project is not big, long time?Since the Western Han Dynasty, the 24 solar terms have been used to guide farmers in agricultural production in accordance with the season, according to the solar terms to arrange farm work, sowing, field management and harvest and other agricultural activities.Since then, the 24 solar terms have become the time coordinates of Chinese agricultural civilization.Therefore, we should not look down upon our ancestors left proverbs, are summed up through long-term work combined with recording the weather, although only a few simple words, it is every word.The following share two about the Lantern Festival weather nongyan, to feel the wisdom of the ancestors, see whether it is accurate!One, the old saying that “August 15 clouds cover the moon, the fifteenth day of the first month snow lights” ancestors are through August 15 the day of the weather to judge the fifteenth day of the weather.If it is cloudy or rainy on the 15th of August and the moon is hidden from view, then on the 15th of the first month it will snow and snow will fall onto the lanterns.This and “Mid-Autumn clouds cover the moon, snow played on the lantern,” the meaning of the expression.Now we see, it feels like a poem, in fact, this is the ancestors through years of observation summed up.By recording the weather over a long period of time, we finally found some patterns, that the day’s weather would be matched by 30 days or multiples of 30 days, and let’s see if that’s the case.Therefore, the old people’s proverb is absolutely not made up.How about snow in January?The old saying “snow is good, no snow is bad”, that snow is still good, can alleviate the spring drought, is conducive to overwinter crops green and early spring planting crops growth.Two, the old saying “spring thunder snow, people do not cook will be shocked” generally we hear thunder in the hot summer, even if it rains thunder is also listen to not necessarily.Because the updraft is not so strong, the clouds and the atmosphere do not have a strong friction, so even if the thunder can not be heard.The sound of thunder means the updraft is strong.The ancients called thunder “winter thunder” before the awakening of Insects solar term, hungry after the awakening of Insects called “spring thunder”.As the saying goes, “winter thunder shake, everything is not”, “thunder hit winter, ten cattle pen nine empty”, meaning that winter thunder is not good.So, as a farmer, I still hope for some snow, some rain, but not thunder.Three, the old saying “the tenth day of the New Year even rain and snow, the Lantern Festival world cold.”If it rains or snows all day on the 10th day of the Lunar New Year, the 15th day of the Lantern Festival will be very cold.We look from the weather forecast data, there is indeed a cold air attack on our country, the old people’s farming proverbs or more accurate.