I learned CPR 50 years ago to save a life!The identity of a 70-year-old man has been revealed

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Peng Chuanlin, 70, had no idea that the resuscitation techniques he learned in the army 50 years ago would be put to practical use for the first time in 50 years.On February 19, Jimu news reporters learned that the relevant departments of Tianmen city are applying for the title of “Advanced Individual for Good Samaritans in Tianmen City” for the former soldier who saved the drowning child.Referring to the experience of saving people at that time, Peng Chuanlin was still afraid: “I saw the child’s face pale, the whole body soft, I was really a little panic.”He rushed into the water and rescued the 6-year-old peng Chuanlin, who lives in Group 1, Wanchang Village, Huangtan Town, Tianmen City, Hubei Province.At about 3 PM on February 12, he was at home nearby to tianmen river near the river the vegetable patch, suddenly heard “help, help, is there any person” cry for help, he ran in the direction of the call for help immediately, I saw a ball of gray floating on the river, village Li Xianrong anxiously to yell: “through my grandson (a pseudonym) fell down!”It turned out that there was an empty oil barrel on the river side of the corraft, several children curious to jump up to play.Six-year-old Hao Hao missed his step and fell into the river.Li Xianrong saved Sun Xinche, rushed into the river, although the water is not deep, but Hao Hao’s clothes were wet after becoming very heavy, she was difficult to hold the child ashore alone.Too late to take off his clothes, Peng Chuanlin rushed to the river, from The hands of Li Xianrong took the child ashore.Seeing the child’s eyes closed, lips black, pale, Peng Chuanlin immediately bent down to press the child’s chest to do artificial respiration.Hao Hao finally came to his senses, sputtered some foam from his mouth and opened his eyes.Li Xianrong this just breathed a sigh of relief: “baby saved.”Hearing the news, the villagers came to deliver blankets, wrapped hao Hao home.The lifesaving skill was learned in the army 50 years ago. “I learned artificial respiration in the army 50 years ago. I didn’t expect that after so many years, I could save people at critical times.”Mr. Peng said all he could think about was getting his child back.Later, when I saw Hao Hao’s eyes moving, I was relieved. “The child’s grandmother was crying all the time. I comforted her that it was all right.After the child was rescued, Peng stood up to find that his left trouser leg had been gouged as he ran.Li Xianrong recalled at that time was still terrified: “if it were not for Peng’s father to go into the water to save people, and know first aid, is the gods can not pull back my grandson.”At the time of the incident, Hao Hao’s grandfather Li Yongbing was out on business, and later took his grandson to thank Peng Chuanlin, who waved his hand repeatedly: “Save people can not be delayed a second.”Lao Peng said “no need” in the face of honor. The villagers were not surprised at all because Peng Chuanlin was a warm-hearted man.Villager Liu Junzhi said that Lao Peng would offer to carry construction materials or mix cement sand when a house was being built, but never asked for payment.In fact, his family is also difficult, usually by doing odd jobs to earn some living expenses.After their daughter died of illness, the two grandchildren were brought up by the old couple.Peng chuanlin said, “When my daughter was ill, my neighbors took care of her from time to time and donated money spontaneously.People in our village are very simple. No matter who meets a child drowning, they will go to save him.”Li Yongbing, Hao Hao’s grandfather, said that he did not have much contact with Peng Chuanlin at ordinary times. When his daughter was ill, all the villagers donated money, but because of limited conditions, each family did not donate much, which did not solve the difficulties of his family.I did not expect that after many years, Lao Peng has been remembering everyone’s mind, really achieved the “dripping of grace, Yongquan phase reported”.After learning of Peng chuanlin’s story, many people also came to visit him.On February 14, “Chinese good man list” honest and trustworthy good man — Long Dingping, the head of Long Pan Food Company, with condolence money and condolence materials, made a special trip to visit Peng Chuanlin.”It is not easy for a 70-year-old man to jump into the icy river and save people at a critical moment of life and death.”Long Dingping repeatedly praised Peng Daddy’s rescue.On the afternoon of February 14, the Political and Legal Committee of Tianmen Municipal Committee organized a special team to visit wanchang Village, Huangtan Town, to investigate and verify the deeds of Peng Chuanlin who saved the drowning child. The team planned to submit the report to the office meeting of the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Tianmen Municipal Committee for study and evaluation of Peng Chuanlin as “Advanced Individual for Good Samaritanism in Tianmen City”.To this, Peng chuanlin said: “This is really not necessary.I am a retired soldier. Anyone who sees such a situation would not hesitate to help others, without seeking fame or profit.”You can always trust the Chinese soldiers to pay tribute to Peng Chuanlin!Source: Extreme news reporter Chen Qian