The Spring Festival is coming. What do they care about

2022-06-14 0 By

Dear comrades, dear friends, now, the Chinese New Year is coming soon in two days. What topics do you care most about when you choose your own career?Before, I also communicated with some comrade-in-arms who chose to practice independently in this regard, because most of our comrades in the Xizang army who met the conditions of choosing their own careers chose to choose their own careers when they finally left the army.Because on the whole, the salary of xizang troops, the base is higher, so back to the mainland, a lot of comrade-in-arms did not choose to change jobs, but chose to choose their own jobs.Fast New Year, in fact, they also care about such topics.I wonder if the retirement pay will go up.The first concern, of course, is concerned about the next retirement money will rise?Because no matter what, the whole of these wages across the country, whether they’re in the system, whether they’re retired, they’re expected to go up a little bit every year.That retirement gold, of course, or hope to steadily improve.Of course, some cadres with strong abilities and broad hobbies may do other things and have other income. However, many cadres who choose their own jobs and retire are still receiving the retirement income every month.Care about whether the policy will change.The second aspect, they are very concerned about, is concerned about the next step of some policies on cadres to choose jobs independently, will change?Because 2022 is the first year of the implementation of monthly retirement pension, the original independent employment policy has no such way.Now after the new monthly retirement pension comes out, these comrades who used to choose their own career have a kind of worry, or he is also very concerned about, after the implementation of the new monthly retirement pension policy, some of the original policies they enjoy on their own career will be changed.Especially regarding the coefficient of retirement payment, these will not be the same as monthly retirement payment.Therefore, before they introduced the original policy, we discussed very enthusiastically, and now the policy of independent employment is no longer, instead of monthly retirement pension.Although the two policies are not exactly the same, there is still a strong comparison, so these comrades who choose to choose their own jobs are really worried about whether the next policy will be significantly changed, and whether they will be like comrades who receive retirement pension every month.So they really care about this topic.We will support policies on employment and entrepreneurship for cadres who choose jobs independently.Third, do we choose our comrades in arms who choose their own careers or do we care about the policies that support the employment and entrepreneurship of cadres who choose their own careers? Are there any new policies?As a matter of fact, I have seen that this year, a new policy will be implemented to support private enterprises in recruiting military officers to choose their own jobs.Although the monthly retirement pension is an important income for the cadres who choose their own jobs, in fact, many of them have relatively strong comprehensive quality and many of them are young.Especially at the end of 20 years you choose your own career, that is, around 40 years old, certainly under 50 years old, many younger also have.Therefore, after they choose their own career, they still have the ability to do something for the country and the society.At this time, it would be better if some enterprises could support the employment of cadres who choose jobs independently and solve some problems.Entrepreneurship, if there are some preferential policies can be introduced, or more optimized, our cadres can, can also be very concerned about this topic, what do you think?