Spring to the grassroots | heritage step tiger chisel to protect the village temperature

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The whole media reporter Tang Zhengpeng correspondent Tang Zhenghai Tan Qian January 29, the Spring Festival is approaching, the Flavor of the Year is gradually thick.In the birthplace of national intangible heritage step tiger chisel flower – Luxi county water town step tiger village, huang Yonghong, the villager, early in the morning in his own step flower chisel studio busy up, rush to make customized 12 zodiac tiger, year after year (fish) and other chisel flower works.Will design good pattern sample and chisel paper fixed nail tight, Huang Yonghong steady hold pen knife, with a vertical Angle chisel, with skilled knife, knife tip walk on the paper, not long, a piece filled with joy and harmony, the production of exquisite foot tiger chisel flower works will be presented in front of.”This painting of chiseled flowers on a tiger means wealth and abundance.In the New Year, I wish the elderly a happier life, the young a more successful career, and every family more money and food every year.”Pick up a just completed “Nian Nian Yu” chisel flower, Huang Yonghong and we chatted up.Huang Yonghong was born in the tiger village chisel flower family, grandfather, father are the village craft top “gardener”.Affected by grandpa, father and influence, Huang Yonghong from childhood also love to step on the tiger chisel flowers, generations of inheritance of this craft, with the true feelings of protecting the village temperature.Whenever there are festive things or traditional festivals in the village, especially the Spring Festival, huang Yonghong is also the most busy time, the neighbors will come to find him chisel a variety of festive, auspicious step flower chisel.It originated during the Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty and was listed in China’s intangible Cultural Heritage protection list in 2008.Tread tiger chisel flower similar to paper-cut, but tread tiger chisel flower to make up for the limitations of paper-cut technology engraving, the work is more delicate, smooth, beautiful, delicate, also known as “art on the tip of the knife”.”It has been 42 years since my generation passed down the tradition of stepping on a tiger and cutting flowers from my grandfather.With ancestors left the craft chisel for decades, chisel out of the people’s yearning for a better life.So, EVERY time I chisel, I am happy, I want to pass on this skill for generations to come.”Speaking of the tiger chisel flower, Huang Yonghong is full of love in the words.Because of love, 2015, Huang Yonghong abandoned work outside quite abundant income, returned home to tread tiger chisel flower birthplace close water town tread tiger village triangle flat, with old savings founded his tread tiger chisel flower studio.From the beginning of learning to step on the tiger chisel flower skills, Huang Yonghong has been unremitting thinking, exploration, learning, study, and become a step on the tiger chisel flower county inheritor.How to better step tiger chisel flower inheritance and development go down?How do you make this home-grown art a successor?It has always been a question of Huang Yonghong’s thinking.Eldest daughter Huang Qin follows beside Huang Yonghong all the time, huang Yonghong is right tread tiger chisel flower to be obsessed with love almost, affecting Huang Qin imperceptible in change.He taught Huang Qin the traditional chisel techniques inherited from his grandfather.”As a young generation of people, I am very grateful to my father to step on the tiger chisel flower this craft to pass on to me, I will always pass on this craft, and can let it carry forward.”Huang Qin said.Under the careful guidance of Huang Yonghong, after years of hard study, huang Qin chisel flower skills increasingly advanced, with a higher level.Now, Huang Qin has joined the team of inheriting the skill of carving flowers by stepping on tigers, which makes Huang Yonghong feel very happy.Tang Zhengpeng, Tang Zhenghai, Tan Qian (Sun Ying)