Fuchunjiang Town, Tonglu, Zhejiang Province: Ecological development activates “beautiful Economy”

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The beautiful and quiet Fuchunjiang Slow Life Experience Area after the spring rain has attracted tourists from all over the country to come to the real scene of “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling” to relax their minds.In recent years, tonglu county, hangzhou city, zhejiang province town of active practice of “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan” concept of development, deepening, long river water environment governance system and environmental comprehensive renovation work, in order to win the advantage to develop ecological advantage, to realize green transformation, efforts to promote “green water castle peak” to “jinshan silver”.Landscape co-governance, keep a side of the pure land slow life experience area in The Lu, MAO Ping, Shishe three villages, because of the remote location, inconvenient transportation, used to be “poor jingle” backward village.Until the 1990s, the area lived mostly by burning charcoal, cutting down trees and selling wood.”After a long time, it becomes a vicious cycle. Trees are destroyed, soil and water are lost, and even the river becomes muddy. There is no money to be made, only temporary food and clothing.”Fang Zuchun, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the village committee of Luti Village, recalled that happily, in the late 1990s, we came from the pain of cutting down trees and burning charcoal. On the basis of the closure of mountains and afforesting, the two levels of town and village focused on protecting a bay of clear water in Luti Creek, which was also a key step for the villagers to start on the road to prosperity.The Luti River mentioned by Fang Zuchun is a typical mountain river, starting from Guanli Reservoir and flowing into Fuchun River reservoir at Longmen Bay, south of the Yangtze River. It is 15.4 kilometers long and covers an area of 121.86 square kilometers. It is an extremely important tributary of Fuchun River.Since 2013, fuchunjiang town play “five water should be” combination, sustained wastewater zero direct drainage area to create and rural agricultural non-point source pollution control, sewage treatment, small water regulation, long river tour, to take law enforcement, cultural activities such as work, make the reed, creek was named the province’s first full domain can swim in the river, “beautiful lakes”, zhejiang province,The outflow water quality of the whole region was better than the inflow water quality.Zhang Xingya, a citizen who lives in Tonglu county, comes to luzi Creek bank every year about three or five friends.”Good water, especially aura.When it’s hot, you can swim and play in the water. When it’s cold, you can walk by the stream and take photos. It’s beautiful all year round.”See castle peak everywhere, clear water around the village guo.With the rapid development of all-for-one tourism, the unknown village in the slow living area has become a hot spot on the Internet, and Fuchunjiang Town has become a shining pearl on the Jiangsu and Zhejiang tourism online from a little-known town in the west of Zhejiang.Through a series of water environment renovation in recent years, beautiful villages have been treated and beautiful economy has been activated.Fuchunjiang Town has taken the lead in the construction of ecological civilization, and let the people really enjoy the dividend of transforming “beautiful resources” into “beautiful economy”.In 2013, Chen Jingmin and his wife, who had been working in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, were invited by the village to renovate their building. They named it “Painting Pavilion” and opened one of the village’s first b&Bs near the Luzi River.”I didn’t expect it to be so popular at that time. The mountains and waters here are so good that many guests can’t forget to return.Chen now owns two b&Bs with 25 rooms and earns more than 1 million yuan a year.Lu Village home stay industry continues to develop, experience area stone village, MAO Ping village and how to effectively undertake its spillover effect, to create new growth?MAO Ping village 80 craftsmen Zhang Yueming first made a successful exploration.In 2014, he first started outdoor development and b&B, but the characteristics are not distinct.With the rise of “intangible cultural heritage + tourism”, Zhang Yueming, who has been interested in wood carving since childhood, shifted her focus to the intangible cultural heritage industry and opened the wood carving studio “Mushi Yingyuan”, which became the first business format in the whole experience area to experience non-inherited skills.In 2021, “Mushi Yingyuan” was rated as county-level non-body examination point, Zhang Yueming also became county-level non-genetic inheriting.Growing mature Luzi home stay industry, MAO Ping intangible heritage industry, Shishe cultural and creative industry exchange, mutual benefit and win-win, gradually become the most characteristic “gold and silver mountain” in Luzi Creek, so that farmers from the “ecological beauty” feel real “good income”.It is worth mentioning that in 2021, the slow Life Experience zone received 1.85 million rural tourists, with a total operating income of 263 million yuan. During holidays, rural tourism is popular, and it is hard to find a special home stay room, which is talked about with delight and releases new charm.Xing Weibin, a graduate of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, founded Saxiu Cafe in Shshe Village in 2016.”To really integrate into this village, you have to think of yourself as a villager here and share with everyone.”As a village designer, he also participates in volunteer service activities in the village as a volunteer.At present, there are nearly 30 foreign cultural and creative practitioners like Xing Weibin in the experience zone.As new villagers, they use their own way to integrate into the beautiful countryside, leading the villagers to become rich.They can live a happy life and start a business here, which is inseparable from the long-term accumulation of local people’s awareness of rural environmental governance practices and protection.Shshe village revised the village rules and regulations, strictly forbidding the destruction of one mountain, one water, one fish and one stone, forming a good atmosphere of mutual supervision among villagers, providing excellent ecological conditions for the sustainable development of cultural and tourism industry.Luti Village has set up a “Beauty Fund”, among which the “environmental protection fund” aims to commend farmers who have made outstanding achievements in the areas of water management, environmental safety, garbage sorting and beautiful courtyards.”We should protect the environment and do business together, which is also a community with a shared future for rural tourism.”After 80 stone village villager Zhong Chiying said.Mutual aid and integration, old villagers and new villagers to build a new rural aesthetics and rural life.Now, the slow Life Experience Zone officially enters the construction stage of beautiful countryside 3.0, and strives to create “digital countryside”, “art countryside”, “entrepreneurial countryside”, “rule of law countryside” and “civilized countryside”. The road of ecological civilization is getting wider and wider, and the beautiful resources are constantly being transformed into beautiful economy, creating the background of common prosperity.(Correspondent Xu Dajun Shi Yinyan Li Fangzhou Guangming Daily all media reporter Lu Jian) Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com