Divorce for dawn and Lv Liangwei, why does the dawn of loving Zhou Haimei not marry her?There are four reasons

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The love that Zhou Haimei encounters in this lifetime all is the beautiful male that leaves history finally, but encounter is not beloved person.And the relation of she and Lv Liangwei and dawn, most call a person with relish.Three people meet time is very deranged, let Lv Liangwei fight with dawn.Dawn even take under all fault, finally rumor good nearly, and suddenly separate.Today we’re going to take a look at what happened back then.When Zhou Haimei was born, her family moved to Hong Kong from Beijing.Although she was born in Hong Kong, she still loves Beijing, which is why she later settled there.Zhou Haimei looked at his daughter bouncing, learning is not good, directly thought of an idea, bet this.She just clapped her hands and pushed her and her sister to the Miss Hong Kong pageant.Originally zhou Haimei’s father dozen idea is to let her learn its her beautiful girl, how to show a girl’s delicate?Tell her to stop jumping like that.Surprisingly, the beauty also caught the attention of the Hong Kong media.Especially her easy-going character, like a girl next door.The host asked her what she thought.Zhou haimei said she herself is to play, she does not watch TV, occasionally watch the news, did not know the scene so big.Her tough-girl nature.Let Hong Kong audience feel very funny, how there is such a baby girl?Harvest a number of fans, a rush of votes to her, unexpectedly into the top 30.That fame of the time, Zhou Haimei patted the chest scared to death him.As a sweatshop TVB, it’s time for his presence.A direct pull zhou Haimei.”Xiao Zhou, wait for you.”As the signing of the lowest ranking of miss Hong Kong, but the popularity of the absolute can break into the eight.When zhou Haimei’s father knows, the time is already late, Zhou Haimei has entered the play crew to take drama.Zhou haimei’s father disagreed with her. He just let his daughter have fun.How did he move Zhou haimei’s father?TVB said after two years of notoriety, calling her back would not delay her studies.Zhou haimei’s father thought, what kind of fame can he make?Two years also came back, or let her go to the society to break into a break, know that it is not easy to make money.What good resources can we give her?Miss Hong Kong is not necessarily famous, let alone her.Without worries, Zhou Haimei is like a runaway horse.Tvb is also very straightforward, a debut to her with Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung and so on a series of big brands.A photo of her wearing a sweater once inspired young girls in Hong Kong to follow suit.She became a trendsetter among teenage girls.Lv Liangwei is at this time appeared, just played “Shanghai Beach” male no. 2, accompanied by Zhou Ruifa, Chiu Yazhi a lot of popular.Lv Liangwei took advantage of this dividend, but also looking for his opportunity.Zhou Haimei appeared at this time, just debut floret, TVB also want to let Lv Liangwei drive zhou Haimei’s reputation.They hit it off, and the pretty guys started shooting a movie.To TVB’s surprise, the drama became a publicly-funded romance.Take a play, fry CP is not excessive, facing the reporter company for two people to do enough love stunt.The result enters the play too deep, what’s more Lv Liangwei looks handsome, just enters zhou Haimei to do not have much experience again in this respect, one eye was in the photograph.This CP stir-fry has become true, which makes TVB complain.To the youth beautiful girl that is full of fame, say to do not have feeling is deceiving, Lv Liangwei did not refuse naturally.TVB turned a blind eye to the fact that neither of them had anything to say publicly.There had been rumours of an affair, but neither confirmed it.The result has been until Zhou Haimei 23 years old this year, TVB finally stumbled in this above.Lv Liangwei hand zhou Haimei directly walked to the audience said this year to get married, Zhou Haimei bowed her head and laughed, very shy appearance.What?The audience in Hong Kong was stunned.Lv Liangwei since Shanghai beach after all have no work, although firmly in the second line, but there is no big trend.Zhou Haimei is different, now she is TVB little princess.A rising star in the entertainment industry, Chow haimei’s fans quit.In succession to Zhou Haimei protest, do not get married, busy career is quite good.Fearing that her fans would not accept it, as was the fashion at the time, they went to the United States to get married.The result did not think of accident saved Zhou Haimei one life on this matter.To return to this matter later, not long after their marriage, and the previous love in the sweet is not the same.As the saying goes, love is a matter of two people, marriage is a matter of two families.Lv Liangwei is a very traditional man, he has a father over his head, but also get rid of the feudal traditional male thinking.Zhou didn’t want to become a housewife after marriage, which was a big deal to Lu’s father.He told Lu liangwei about his sufferings and even proposed to the media so that today’s us seem to shout that it is ok.He said Zhou haimei got up too late after marriage and didn’t even cook breakfast to serve him.More important is to own husband no big no small, zha zha shout of, a bit virtuous appearance all have no.More outrageous is in Lu Liangwei, it seems that his father said no wrong.Their quarrel between the two, but also a return to the headlines, Lu liangwei is now increasingly uncomfortable with Zhou haimei’s career, demanding that she become a housewife.Why should his wife be so busy with her career? It would be better to support him with their own money instead of balancing family and career.It’s not like he didn’t have enough money to support her.Chow was particularly angry because she was famous and it was safer to keep her money in her own hands.Especially Lv Liangwei’s father, at that time Hong Kong especially popular mothers-in-law relationship theme TV series, she thought her mother-in-law died, did not expect to have a father-in-law can be so feudal so vexed.4 this cold war, until dawn and Lv Liangwei in the set of a big fight to tear open the hot scene.A “back to unmarried”, the name is very connotation.Is dawn and Zhou Haimei partner starred in the DRAMA.Fans a look, dawn and handsome, and then is the fire with Zhou Haimei’s fame and build.Just don’t be too romantic.Originally Zhou Haimei at the beginning is passionate marriage, but the fact of daily necessities and family relations when the rupture.That year she with Lv Liangwei is because the audience fry CP fry out, in the eyes of all she also saw the dawn naturally.Handsome artistic warmth, it was the dawn of the public lover at that time, the Zhou Haimei of frustrated marriage also produced attachment.Even to the end of the Hong Kong media have this section of CP stir – up hot, the audience is still very love.You can see how unpopular Lu liangwei was with Hong Kong audiences.But CP is CP, and what’s fake is fake.So in dawn and Zhou Haimei hand photos were exploded when the rock broke heaven.I really didn’t think they were having an extramarital affair.Lu liangwei instantly became an object of sympathy.Zhou Haimei also announced the first time to break up.Zhou Haimei itself is very in love with the brain, at this time the first direct TVB has stopped her, two people as long as the draft is misunderstanding can be.But Zhou haimei in order to be aboveboard with dawn.Why is it a breakup?Because when they went to the United States for divorce, their marriage application was rejected because the two places had different systems.In a sense, this saved Zhou haimei’s career.Because this is a breakup, not a divorce.But the Hong Kong audience for the two situations are still very heavy, breaking up is small, divorce is big.After all, Hong Kong entertainment who stole whose boyfriend, who stole whose girlfriend.Hong Kong audiences are tired of seeing it.Although they are very immoral, but sometimes as a norm, Zhou Haimei is forgiven.5 Cp stir-fry makes it real.However, waiting is Zhou Haimei take the initiative to break up.A lot of people are abusing Zhou Haimei, the same dawn is also place oneself in this circle of public opinion.Dawn true man many times said scold me, don’t scold Zhou Haimei.Accidental formation of a counter-effect, we look at ah, dawn true man.All the scope of public opinion directed at Zhou Haimei, in this matter, they are very tolerant of men.Zhou Haimei is very aggrieved, especially this matter, two people simply cannot meet aboveboard, the company stares at her very dead.It is clearly two people of the matter but to scold her, this section of love finally announced to break up.A lot of people are very sorry about this love, because they have seen that year’s TV series, especially the image of the two very good match handsome men and women why not get married?The first point: dawn although admit Zhou Haimei is girlfriend, also love her, but with their own career compared, what is this.Point 2: exposure to this section of public opinion, there is no more love, point 3: the two companies have made a move, early separation, late pressure heat.Point 4: Although CP fans are very important, but in order to the future career, long-term development can only sacrifice their love.