Urgent!It concerns all primary and secondary schools in Qinhuangdao

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On 27 January in hebei province education department issued directives to primary and secondary school winter vacation violations, make up a missed lesson, ordinary high school course in advance of an urgent notice left left left on it is forbidden to primary and secondary schools in hebei province department of education violations, make up a missed lesson, ordinary high school winter vacation in advance emergency notification of course go class cities (including I and xinji city) education bureau, male Ann district public services:Recently, received some students and parents reflect that individual primary and secondary schools make up lessons in violation of regulations, ordinary high school to take classes in advance and other problems.In order to effectively implement the requirements of “double reduction”, further standardize the behavior of primary and secondary schools, let teachers and students spend a happy and meaningful winter vacation, and ensure the smooth and orderly development of the work of selecting courses and moving classes in ordinary senior high schools, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.Winter vacation is an important content of the national and provincial basic education curriculum plan, which can ensure that primary and secondary school students have a full rest and carry out social practice activities, which is of great significance to promote the physical and mental health development of primary and secondary school students.Primary and secondary schools should further standardize the behavior of running schools, and resolutely put an end to any form of online and offline collective make-up lessons in disguise, such as students staying in school for self-study, parents’ committees renting hotels and hotels to carry out collective cultural lessons guidance, and network platforms answering questions collectively.Second, it is strictly prohibited to ordinary high school elective class go ahead of ordinary high school to follow the rules of education teaching, scientific guiding students’ course selection, use the high school year time, through courses in students’ development guidance, guiding students to scientific understanding their own aspirations, interests, special features, advantages in learning and professional orientation, in accordance with the requirements of the national development and their own interest in specialty choice selected test subjects,Must not violate the student individual volunteer request student general chooses to take an examination of specific subject, resolutely avoids utilitarian chooses a subject to take an examination of.To start from the first semester of the second year of high school, it is strictly prohibited to open the way or “simulated course selection and class walking” and other ways to carry out the selection and class walking in advance.Education administrative departments at all levels should quickly convey the spirit of this notice to each primary and secondary school, and conscientiously carry out self-examination in the local school. Schools that violate the rules of making up lessons should be stopped immediately, and schools that choose classes in advance should be corrected immediately.Further improve the verification mechanism for reporting clues, strengthen the publicity of reporting channels, and publish the phone number and email address of reporting information on the official website, official accounts and major media to strengthen social supervision.Schools and their principals will be held accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.Attachment: Mailbox of Provincial and municipal education Administrative departments for supervision and reporting Hebei Education Department On January 27, 2022 Source: Hebei News Network, the website of Provincial Education Department