The “eastern number and western calculation” drive more than 100 billion yuan industry

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Source: Economic Daily”East west are stimulating exceeds one hundred billion yuan industry development and reform commission, ministry of industry and other four departments recently jointly issued by the file, agreed to in beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, a large bay area of guangdong, chongqing, guizhou, gansu, ningxia, Inner Mongolia eight national hub node, to start the construction and planning of the ten national data center cluster, marked the country” east west are “project officially started.Experts believe that the project is expected to generate hundreds of billions of yuan of investment every year, far more than the south-to-North water diversion project and the west-to-East gas diversion project.However, attention should also be paid to avoiding related hype and blind and repetitive construction, focusing on the long-term, strengthening scientific planning, optimizing and improving the layout, and realizing the overall planning, orderly and healthy development of computing power.Located in Zhongwei city, Ningxia, western Cloud base relies on cloud base construction foundation and actively promotes the construction of computing power.To put it simply, “calculating numbers in the East and west” means transferring data from the east to the west for calculation and processing.Why should our country start “east number West calculation”?The cheng, a think-tank, senior consultant Yang Yirui said, and “south-north water diversion project of” west-east gas “and other national engineering resource scheduling logic, launched the” east west are “, one is in the eastern data to calculate the demand and the western region to calculate forces supply pattern of the imbalance of supply and demand, for nationwide layered, grading optimization data to calculate force allocation of resources,Maximize the value of data elements.Second, the data center consumes a lot of electricity. The eastern part is short of power consumption index and space resources, while the western part is rich in renewable energy, clean energy and land resources. The superior climate conditions can effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and maximize environmental benefits.”This is a supply-side reform of computing power to optimize the supply structure of computing power in China.Using the cheap power energy, communication bandwidth, land resources and so on in the west, the cost of computing power is lower, so as to more effectively support the development of China’s digital economy.At the same time, it can also boost the economy of western China, driving the development of digital economy in western China through the construction of the hub node, and driving the development of related industries, and developing high-quality digital industries.”The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology information communication economy expert committee member, zhongnan University of Economics and Law digital economy research Institute executive dean Pan Helin said.But not all data is suitable for processing in the West.China’s electronic information industry development research institute of information and software industry data governance research director wei-ling wang stressed that the “east west are” thinking, of global optimization by past monomers, discrete to present the overall, coordinated direction, take the time delay of not high demand data such as the background data processing, off-line analysis, storage, backup and so on cold, data centers to the west;However, data requiring high network delay, such as artificial intelligence and video conferencing, are still calculated in the eastern hub to promote the rational layout of data centers, balance the load between the east and the west, and optimize the supply and demand pattern.”Counting east and counting west” is just the beginning.As cloud computing and big data research institute of China academy of information and communication, the director of the He Baohong, flows through data led drive the capital flow, personnel, technology, etc., the “east west are” help to get through the aorta in the eastern and western digital industry in China, the realization of digital resources, digital work force, digital industry, digital services and a series of ecological reasonable layout,It will also inject a steady stream of new momentum into the development of China’s digital economy.”The industrial chain of the data center is long and covers a wide range of categories, and the preliminary construction needs a lot of capital. After the release of the project, a new round of investment boom in the data center is triggered, which is expected to drive hundreds of billions of yuan of investment every year.Wang Weiling said.Pan helin also believes that the project will drive more than 100 billion yuan of industry, and will also drive the rapid development of neighboring industries such as telecommunications.The related industries of “East and West Computing” include data center operation and maintenance, data center construction, server, chip, system and database-related software, communication facilities, etc., as well as the future development of data circulation industry, data foundation industry, data processing and artificial intelligence industry in the east.For this huge market, relevant enterprises have been laid out.According to the interview, the three telecom operators said they would speed up the construction of national high-grade data centers, optimize the layout, and build new data centers as needed around the country’s eight computing power hubs.Bytedance’s enterprise-level technology service platform, Huoshengengine, is strengthening talent training and recruitment in the Western data center, as well as the construction of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the western data center, including the construction of the industrial chain and supply chain of data center infrastructure, data center related consumables, server parts and other components.Jingdong Cloud has completed the layout of data centers nationwide, with a total of more than 70 data centers, comprehensively covering the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Chengdu-Chongqing region and other core economic zones. It will also build low-carbon and energy-saving data centers based on core hub nodes.Lenovo Group has initially completed the layout of green data center resources in ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other western regions, and is working with partners in Beijing and Tianjin in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Shanghai and Jiangsu in the Yangtze River Delta, zhuhai Hengqin, Shenzhen and other hot spots in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.East Digital West Computing also involves security issues such as cloud data centers, network transmission, remote data storage, computing and access.In this regard, the relevant person in charge of security of CICA said that the network security protection system has been formed for the construction and operation of the data center, and will actively participate in the construction of the west computing power hub node, and help the construction of cloud network security and data security under the scenario of “East and West computing”.”East and West” contains long-term investment opportunities, which will benefit the data center industry chain and effectively drive the upstream and downstream investment of the industry.Some capital side, by the wind, “east and west calculation” draught, rub hot, speculation concept, in the business basis is not enough to support the stock price rise, actively self-promotion, promote the stock price rise.”The ‘East and West’ is a long-term project. We should avoid short-term hype and focus on the long term.”Pin-and-lin said.Yang Yirui believes that the project of “East and West computing” is not only the migration of data computing power, but also the construction of supporting 5G network, data center and other new infrastructure, which is not consistent with the investment income law of the project.In fact, we still face many difficulties in advancing the project.Wang Weiling analyzed that the structural imbalance between the east and the west of data centers, the weak industrial carrying capacity of data centers in the west, and the security risks of trans-regional data transmission are still prominent.In order to better play the industrial driving role of the project, it is necessary to strengthen overall planning in the national top-level design, take multiple measures to promote the coordinated development of the digital economy in the eastern and western regions, and continue to make efforts to improve the awareness and ability of relevant subjects in data security.The project involves not only data classification and hierarchical guidance, but also the integration of local resource endowment, including wind, water, solar power and other new energy sources, as well as the construction of data centers to attract industrial agglomeration.Reasonable planning, scale and synergistic effect of each link will be one of the prerequisites for the realization of the project goal.Pan Helin said, “east and West calculation” is a supply-side optimization project, optimization is the main, supplemented by new.Data centers attach great importance to reuse efficiency. If the reuse rate is low, the cost will be high. Therefore, in the construction of hub centers, data demand should be guided to transfer to the hub.At the same time, the westward shift of computing power will inevitably increase the transmission distance and strengthen the construction of core network.”We should also pay attention to the market and customer demand as the orientation, avoid blindly following the trend of repeated construction, resulting in the ‘computer room to build the sun’ and other problems, in the further segmentation of the data market field to do a good job in the eastern business, construction on demand, precise docking customer demand.”Yang yirui said.Editor in charge: Yang Jing