The US encouraged Lithuania to take the initiative!6,000 Russian troops on first readiness: they will be wiped out in the event of a war

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On January 27, western media reported that in recent years, the United States has shown a dangerous sign of increasing containment and escalation of provocations in its strategy against Russia, which has aroused widespread concern.In order to please the military leadership, some American radical scholars have recently put forward a plot to annex Kaliningrad, a key territory, to Lithuania.In response to this vicious suggestion, the Russian leadership immediately instructed the Russian army on the front line to strengthen its daily combat readiness, so that the plotters would not return.In the view of Internet users, Russia’s warning is full of arrogance, fully embodies the spirit of a fighting nation.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States, after a brief “loss”, quickly entered a new stage of development to reconstruct its own system, so as to lay a solid power foundation for the unipolar world pattern.During this period, the United States pushed NATO eastward expansion at all costs, and started the action of grabbing its sphere of influence, such as continuing to absorb Poland, Lithuania and other countries.At the same time, Russia’s national strength is greatly weakened, showing a situation of compromise for external survival, and various challenges come one after another.However, because of their huge military legacy, the United States and other Western countries are still afraid to overstimulate Russia, but it is indispensable to take all kinds of harassment.In order to prevent Russia from becoming another “Soviet Union”, the United States actively joined hands or encouraged other Allies or partner countries to “take the lead” under the strategic choice of initiating confrontation, so as to try to grab broader practical interests.For example, in response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the United States, together with Britain and other Western countries, imposed large-scale economic sanctions on Russia for many times.He encouraged Poland to take the initiative to provoke Russia on history and other issues.In recent years, Lithuania, a small Baltic country, has become a “darling” of the United States, appearing everywhere at the forefront of anti-Russian actions.For example, in terms of economic sanctions, The Lithuanian authorities have repeatedly taken the initiative to pressure the EU to increase sanctions against Russia.And the United States desperately needs loyal partners like Lithuania to “go to the front” to achieve its hidden goals.An expert from an American political research institute has given Lithuanian authorities the wrong idea: to remove existing security threats, Lithuania should act decisively and take over kaliningrad, a strategic territory, in order to ensure external security.As we all know, Kaliningrad is a very special “enclave” in Russia, with an extremely important strategic position and a bridgehead for Russia to deter western countries.Russia is known to have deployed powerful weapons including Iskander missiles in the region.So the West is both terrified and helpless.In response to the dangerous plot, Russia immediately issued a stern threat, warning the Lithuanian authorities not to use it as cannon fodder or face the dreadful end of their shredding.At the same time, in order to prevent unexpected accidents, the Russian military has instructed 6,000 frontline soldiers to be ready to start large-scale clearance operations at any time to defend the country’s core interests.