Now that I’ve made my wish, it’s time to start a new life

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Life is like the residue of the stars, the habitual most distressed and unbearable, and the most significant change engraved in the deepest memory.This thin piece of paper, as if wenxing’s life marked a dramatic label, no one can empathize with her feelings from these words.Mei Looked at the date on the paper and linked up wenxing’s mood during that period of time, but found nothing, the original storm in her heart, still so flat, so that in that period of time, he never had any strange.Perhaps at that time wenxing had a trace of something strange, but he never really put it in the heart, that is just the daughter of the sad temperament.Wen Xing break through many hardships, took a lot of mind, graduated from medical school, at the time of her internship, twinkling eyes, then MeiXing also feel strange why she would like to work in a hospital, vaguely remember she said: “the hospital is the critical point of life and death, she was so close to death, so that the body rehabilitation, she wants to use their own ability to save the life.”Plum line is what thing touched wenxing, and all tracks are in those scoundrels with weapons heavily fell on her body that moment, she not only saved himself, more had earth-shaking changes.For a moment, Mei xing really felt that there was a parallel time and space in this world, and Wen Xing would really be as she wrote in her notes, she had already experienced a lifetime in another parallel time and space, and now she is just for a commitment to the time.”If there is a next life, I will make up for my debt.”This is the most conspicuous sentence in wenxing’s notes, but now Mei Xing, no matter how to find the notes can not be found.He wanted to know what would be the final outcome of the timing, as if the overlap between wenxing and timing would have the same result.Mei searched all of Wenxing’s books, and did not find that note, which makes him a little doubt that memory is real, or his memory made up the picture.Until he saw wenxing this political examination did not pass the notice, all the emotions could not stop, he has been more than anyone else firmly believe that Wenxing will wake up, but also more than anyone else optimistic.He has been holding on with a firm faith, but in the place where Wenxing used to live, sadness and fear enveloped him.Mei Xing eyes a little bit of liquid condensation, the paper wet a still unaware, silent cry is the most hysterical sadness, chest pain, as if in ling chi him in general.His lips were tight, but there was a trace of red blood at the corners of his mouth. His hands were clenched so hard that the veins bulged. If he had the power to destroy heaven and earth, the world would be destroyed at that moment.A gust of wind blowing, Mei Xing seems to have seen the figure of wenxing, he stretched out his hand, the figure scattered with the wind.In the void, floating virtual shadow, the wind flow to linger in mei Xing’s body, so every wisp of wind is missing the body, the wind has a voice hit, “wish has, you should go back to start life again.”In an instant, the wind dissipated as far as the eye could see, plum line phone rang, let him come out from that a sad mood, began to face the reality, after the calm mood, he picked up the phone.After a long while, sobbing with joy, his voice quivered. “Really?”This article declares: the text is original, shall not be reproduced without permission.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete.# # your present life recommended reading: (click to jump to read) your present life: Zhou Wenxing make Zhou Shengchen wedding, thoroughly exposed the nature, qin wan laughed present life: paper can always through the fire, feeling increasingly powerful present life: MeiXing pesters, time is a little see not bottom go to want to learn more wonderful content, fast to pay attention to the film and television music kan