Canadian secondary school study program selection

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1, established private send school in North America, there are rare, a collection of old private school, most of the nearly hundred years of history time, comply with the stringent educational philosophy, traditional and standard, have a first-class equipment, teachers, classroom teaching and teacher students proportion, recruit verification also almost harsh, generally through the job interview.In addition to the average score of students, their own conduct and temperament resources endowment have higher requirements, but also have certain expectations for the family situation.Such schools are expensive (they charge the same for local and international students), but they do not always aim to make a profit.For example, it tightly controls the proportion of foreign students in the recruitment process to maintain the dominance of foreign students.Once resident, students are subject to 7×24 hour or (52)x24 hour control.In this kind of learning environment, students only need to do their part, as if in the entrance of the “safe”, the idea is wrong.As you can imagine, 12-year basic education in the United States used to be completely free, but these people spend a lot of money to send their children to the home of the old private school, either the standard is excellent, or the expectations are very high.The social network shared by this group of students is certainly very good, but people should not be different.Although the school is strictly prohibited, blind comparisons between classmates are sometimes unavoidable.2. High quality public ordinary high schools as mentioned above, public ordinary high schools are priced and paid uniformly by government departments.The differences in teaching standards among them are, to a large extent, determined by the population distribution of school districts.Public schools have the duty to accept students who reside in their district on their own terms and cannot refuse them without specific reasons.If the local home culture education level and wage level widely higher, recruit the quality of the number of good, the teaching level of this ordinary high school and rank of course very high.Public high schools also have the advantage of standards, which are often not easy to do in order to make more money.On the whole, well-ranked public high schools are very cost-effective.Because regular public high schools cater mainly to foreigners, the programs for international students are less comprehensive, and some are even unable to work.Public schools provide international students with services such as placement and specialized language classes to help them express their language.Regular high schools with more international students sometimes assign themed activities.But so far, no regular public high school has standards for boarding and after-school control.3, uneven private college preparatory and international schools like schools are generally private, history is not long, the Australian students are very few, to recruit foreign students as the leading, and even centralized recruitment of Chinese, the entrance threshold is very loose.Some of them have boarding, some do not give.Although their fees are more cost-effective than the old schools, the general training cost and living cost of more than 30,000 to more than 40,000 Australian dollars, but no matter the teaching facilities or for traditional learning, and called “little ivy” old brand universities, can not be compared.Some parents and students think it is easier to integrate into such schools because of the large number of Chinese students.Because the school environment is not the same, there is no unified school norms, so their teaching level is difficult to generalize.The proposal in the selection, as far as possible according to the way in many aspects of the master, more intentions, prudent decision-making.To learn more