A family of three in Liaoning province came to the hotel for dinner. Three people spent 398 yuan to eat. Is this price expensive?

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Set up a file in the mid-south part of liaoning, is liaohe estuary, mountain spirit, so set up a file in the diet culture is very rich also, crabs and rice is very famous here, the locals deep pockets, demand for food is also very high, it’s not during the Spring Festival, there are three came to a hotel to eat, three people spent 398 yuan, the price expensive?The hotel is surrounded by natural environment and uses natural and organic ingredients, so it is not to boast that it is called an eco-hotel.The hotel covers a wide area, the scale is still very large, reasonable management, service in place, the parking lot is very large, convenient parking, perennial guests are in an endless stream, in his home to do the banquet is the need to book a long time in advance, but if it is individual guests generally have a position, the hotel reserved many private rooms.After entering the hotel, there will be a waiter leading to the food exhibition area to order food. The wall here is full of actual photos of dishes, next to the dish name and price, not only that, the dining table in front of the wall are all set with dishes samples, which can be intuitively felt.Still putting aquarium box again at the same time, such as seafood, fish are kept in different categories, eat now kill now, special fresh, pardonable is called ecology hotel.Dessert is generally the first, peach glue snow lotus seeds are strongly recommended by the store, it is said that beauty is excellent.Snow lotus seed points to rice of honey loci namely, can protect liver embellish lung already, can hairdo raises yan again, oneself home also can use to do sugar water, it stewed together with peach glue here dessert, also added many sugar.The gelatine has completely melted, and the lotus seeds are crystal clear, and you can feel the full consistency with every spoonful.Although it tastes good, it is still a little too sweet, not to mention not suitable for people with high sugar, but for most people will feel a little greasy.Carvings organic meat, is the use of good carvings as seasoning burned meat.With pork belly, thin and fat, in order to get rid of the greasy fat, first dry pot stir-fry, force the oil out, and then mixed with water soy sauce, flower carving, add some spices braised, so burn out fat but not greasy, the entrance is melting, crisp and soft.Abalone porridge is made with fresh abalone meat, which is kept warm by a small fire burning under a special small cup.The millet porridge is cooked for a long time. The porridge is very thick and has the seafood taste of abalone. It tastes delicious.The congee, with its visible whole abalone meat, is also a bit pricey, as a bowl is only about one person.Yes, it was delicious, but because it was so elaborate, the family said it was not as full as the size of a roadside restaurant.In general, this hotel is in line with the level of this price, not disappointing, although the daily food is not very realistic, but if the guests are entertained, all aspects are still very in place.