Tinge of nostalgia qingchuan “grey stir group” tonight debut in Sichuan

2022-06-12 0 By

“Qingchuan nostalgia, stirring in a bowl.”Today (8) at 7:50 p.m., Qingchuan characteristic food mixing group will appear on sichuan TV rural channel “Ask you”?Columns.It is reported that the program aims to explore the scattered farming skills in Sichuan “Craftsman made, agricultural heritage”.In the seventh episode, which AIRS tonight, viewers will be able to walk into qingchuan’s morning food memories and explore the cuisine that has seeped into local taste genes.According to reports, Qingchuan pickled cabbage grey stirring group taste sour, spicy, fresh and sweet, the entry is smooth, has been included in the “Sichuan Province’s first rural production and life heritage list” and the sixth batch of Guangyuan intangible cultural heritage list and expansion project list.Due to the complexity of the production process, the traditional qingchuan grey agitator is not common, and only a few rural families who keep the stone mill will make it on special occasions.Legend has it that the grey Stir group originated in The Three Kingdoms Period, when Zhuge Liang stationed troops in Xiqi (now Qishan County, Shaanxi Province). Zhuge Liang invented this dish to ease the homesickness of soldiers who were tired of local pasta and named it “Water Besieging the City”.Later, the specific practice of this dish was introduced to Qingchuan and passed down to this day.