On April 2, fengxian district reported 8 new locally confirmed cases and 149 asymptomatic cases

2022-06-12 0 By

On April 2, 2022, there were 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Our district and 149 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in our district, living in the following areas:Jiayuan road, 361 lane, post and telecommunications road no. 188, glorious village, hui village, nurtures the show area, west gate road no. 75, zhu village, shanghai-hangzhou highway 66 lane, lighthouse village, Shao Ping road no. 1, 755 new road lane, liberation of the village, bei district, wu tong road 527, lane, wu tong village, the drop by 318 lane seaside village, 1058 is xu road, li kiln village, tai qing road 278No., Lane 629, Fugang Road, Lane 12, Everbright Road, Lane 218, Guoshun Road, Lane 799, Wutang Road, Lane 397, Huhang Road, Jianghai Village, Lane 468, Xinsiping Road, Daqiao Village, Lane 555, Beixing Road, Fazhan Village, Lane 1980, Jinbi Road, Lane 2968, Wanshun Road, 1058 zhengxu Road, Lane 9, Fulan Road, 209 Yuxiu Road, Humin Village, Yongnan RoadNo. 1688, Lane 1351, Yunhe North Road, Liudun Village, Yuxiu Sixth District, Lane 438, Yuxiu Road, Lane 1065, Huancheng South Road, Lane 525, Zhangwengmiao Road, Jinhui East Street Community, Yimin Village (Xidu Street), Lane 1518, Haiqi Road, Ximengang First Village, 111, Qingwei Road, Lane 908, Jiuhua Road, Shenlu Village, Wanzhang Village, Nandu Village, Shaotuo Village, Beihong Road 6No.7, Lane 369, Guoshun Road, No. 1288, North Ring Road, Dengmin Village, Lane 8889, Nanfeng Road, Lane 885, Huancheng East Road, Lane 388, Fugang Road, Lane 348, Jinqi Road, Lane 90, Jianghai Road, Jixian Village, Lane 359, Qingning Road, Lane 199, Hudi Road, Jingang Village, Puxiu Village, Shicun Village, Lane 46, Market Road, Mingxing Village, Lane 76, Zhentai Road, Hangnan RoadNo. 2880, Taozhai Village, No. 562 Huancheng East Road, Shuguang Village, Zhoujia Village, Tainan New Village, Lane 488 Qingning Road, Shenlong First Village, Beixin Village, Lane 159 Taiye Road, Lane 2088 Wanshun Road, Lane 303 Huhang Road, Lane 1801 Lanbo Road, Jinhai Village, Jiaonan Village, Lane 95 Fengpu Road, Lane 388 Baifu Road.Final disinfection measures have been implemented in the relevant residential areas.