Let global players fall in love with the beauty of Chinese culture, hit the whole network “Original God” how to do it?

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“The Original God” symphony concert special: Reflecting Chunhua Chapter has been hit on many platforms recently.The performances are all from the “Liyue” area in the Original God, with rich traditional Chinese music elements, which are well received by overseas players.”Farewell today, full of old and new friends.”The special symphony concert of The Original God, which was held by Miha You, was recently broadcast on Bilibili (STATION B), Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu and wechat video account.A Peking Opera song “Goddess split view · Call love”, so that more players around the world feel the Chinese “New Year flavor” of “bustling to listen to the drama”.According to the statistics of station B, the peak popularity of the concert “Original God” and “Chunhua Zhang” exceeded 33.8 million, ranking the top of the live streaming list on the platform.More than 700,000 overseas netizens watched the concert video through social media.Let global players fall in love with the beauty of Chinese culture, hit the whole network “Original God” how to do it?”Only by incorporating the best elements of Chinese culture into the lively entertainment and daily habits of young people around the world can we truly enhance our cultural attraction, appeal and integration.”Pan Ji, deputy director of information and communication research center of fudan university, says professor digital age in today’s society is a young game one of entertainment and communication way, “through the network game to spread Chinese culture, through to players familiar path and mode at home and abroad, is active in the cyber space inside and outside the Chinese cultural elements of beautiful bloom,And through the frequent shuttling between the virtual and the real, the positive empathy effect extends beyond games.”On the streets of The French city of Bordeaux, Peng Jingxuan, a Chinese student studying abroad, played a song called “Splitting the Goddess” with a zither, which attracted a large circle of local audiences.”In the streets of France, the goddess splits!It’s burning!”The short video was viewed more than 1.65 million times on station B.One netizen commented: “Mr. Cloud’s play starts to tour the global stage!”Yun Jin, affectionately known as “Mr. Yun” by netizens, is a new character in version 2.4 of The Original God.In the setting of the game, Yun Jin is an opera artist from the “Glass Moon”, her image is inspired by hua Mulan, Mu Guiying, Liang Hongyu and other outstanding women.”Divinity Split View” is a song performance by Yun Jin on the stage of qunyu Pavilion, which is favored by players because of its rich Chinese opera style.As of Feb 11, the song, which is performed by Yang Yang, a young performer from the Beijing Opera House in Shanghai, had been played more than 17.5 million times on Its website B and received nearly 4.3 million views on YouTube.The original God has been translated into many languages and released in 175 countries and regions, but the parts involving Chinese opera music are all dubbing in Chinese, allowing global players to hear the authentic Chinese feeling and Oriental rhyme.To the surprise of the game’s designers, the popularity of “second creation” (second creation) of the song continues to grow among netizens, including national actors and plum Blossom award winners.The cantonese opera version, Kunqu opera version, Yue Opera version, Henan Opera version, Sichuan Opera version and Huangmei Opera version of The Split Goddess, even with the slogan of “national team request to fight” in the relay, so that generation Z players feel the charm of different dramas, but also shocked overseas netizens at the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture.And “Goddess split view” hot “circle” is not solitary example, “the moon in the cup” “Disease such as fierce fire” “Ji Sunrise” “Create dragon eyes” “rock gully collapse” “glass month” and “Goddess split view · call love”…The concert, which has been well received by overseas players, features rich traditional Chinese music elements, all of which come from the “Liyue” area in the original God.Experts say games have become an emerging carrier of cultural inheritance, which can not only accommodate China’s unique natural scenery, social scenes, interpersonal relationships and historical allusions, but also integrate and innovate with many artistic elements such as painting, calligraphy, drama and music.For example, the instrumental music configuration of “Original God” music not only includes orchestra, guzheng, pipa, flute, Zhongruan, erhu and other traditional folk music, but also includes jazz drum, electric bass, electric guitar and other electroacoustic, realizing the collision and combination of symphony, traditional folk music and electro-acoustic rock music.”The Original God recombines the typical elements of Chinese culture into an enjoyable audio-visual interactive experience through a special way of playing digital games, immersing global players in the ‘charm of China’.”Pan Ji said.In 2012, three students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University entered the incubator of Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center and founded Meha Tour. The high-end level of technology and art and high compatibility have become the goal of the game production team.While some companies can launch a mobile game in a matter of months, Miha’s Original God took three years to develop and cost more than $100 million.Based on the digital technology of high immersion and strong interaction, The Original God supports the deep projection of player personality into the game narrative, encourages frequent discussions and cooperation among players, and even encourages players to move between online and offline in a more free manner.According to the original God production team, Yunjin completed 3D production as early as 2018, followed by continuous technical iterations and careful polishing.”The early art design didn’t take into account the wide Angle distortion of the in-game camera.”To make the production more intuitive and accurate, the team worked with the tool group to develop a tool that synchronizes graphics with the engine in real time, the designers explained. “With this new technology, we can see the final look of the real game environment as we modify the model.”Technical optimizations dramatically reduce the cost of communication and modification, making subsequent design and production processes more efficient and accurate.Every tiny link in the original God character creation chain is permeated with the application of new technology and the ingenuity of designers.In order to show a richer rendering effect, Yunjin has been successively “enhanced” its own dynamic AO, scene dynamic projection, scene light source, fog effect effect and other effects, so as to make the color and shadow more harmonious and unified.The technical team also developed a “dynamic face shadow map” to make the light and shadow change effect on the face more natural and stable.The body part of the character is changed to “multi-layer shadow color”, which makes the art effect of hand-drawn processing in the original painting more bright and beautiful.With the integration of digital technology and aesthetic innovation, The Original God brings three-dimensional, dynamic and aesthetic characters into the hearts of global players, becoming “messengers” to spread the beauty of Chinese culture.”We believe that quality content itself has the power to bridge gaps and differences.”Liu Wei, president of Mihayou, believes the Original God is showing the charm of traditional culture to global users in a fresh way.”We hope to bring high-quality Chinese works to global players in various forms, including games, music, comics and accessories.”Author: Xuan Jing Editor: Fan Jing