Huchuan Town: Optimize the living environment to build a beautiful home

2022-06-12 0 By

Zhangjiachuan county melting media center news (correspondent Li Yi) to further do a good job of rural environment remediation, comprehensive promotion of rural living environment, boost provincial civilization county to create, in recent days, Huchuan town to carry out “five pile” centralized cleaning activities.Huchuan town organized town and village cadres active action, the main road in the village, even village road, back streets and alleys, before and after the house and other key areas, the mobilization of artificial, mechanical cleaning in time.At the same time, “grid” management is implemented for all villages. Grid workers are responsible for environmental health governance and inspection in the corresponding grid area, and timely report and immediately rectify the shortcomings of environmental remediation problems, so as to achieve no dead corners, no blind spots and full coverage in the responsible area, and do rectification and improvement with high standards and high quality.Up to now, organized a total of more than 300 person-times, excavator 1, truck, tractor 6, a total of 5.8 kilometers of ditch cleaning, standard “five piles” more than 100, cleaning up more than 40 tons of garbage.In the future, Huchuan town will focus on strengthening regional health cleaning work, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the masses to participate in environmental remediation, form a strong atmosphere for everyone to participate in environmental remediation, further improve the village living environment, increase the villagers’ happiness of life.Supervisor: Li Xia Editor: Bai Qiong