City leaders visited Suiyang District to investigate and supervise the centralized renovation of rural living environment

2022-06-12 0 By

On January 21, Deputy mayor Pan Feng led relevant department heads to suiyang District to investigate and supervise the centralized renovation of rural living environment.Pan Feng line successively came to suiyang district Cao Zhuang Feng Qiao town village, zhou chu temple town village, yan song floor town village, Song Dou cleaning service development investment co., LTD., research supervisor village CunMao, capacity of households, and area cleaning cleaning, trash pickup, pits management, afforestation, etc, through on-site visit, listen to the report forms, a comprehensive understanding of situation,Put forward rectification suggestions on the spot for problems found, and require rectification to be in place within a time limit.Pan feng pointed out that the improvement of rural living environment is an important part of the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, all levels and departments should take the improvement of rural living environment as a long-term project of the people’s people, and improve work standards and intensify efforts in the improvement.Each administrative village should be highlighted to regulate the accumulation of garbage, road on both sides of the building garbage, firewood and straw rick, village ditches and ponds, the village on the random pile and so on.Efforts should be intensified to encourage the general public to develop environmentally friendly, civilized and healthy living habits, and timely education should be given to those who dump garbage at will.We should fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the general public to participate in the improvement of the living environment, and push the improvement of the rural living environment further.To further strengthen supervision, give full play to the role of supervision, highlight the key and difficult points, strengthen coordination and coordination, multi-party linkage, the problems found to make a list of tasks and timely feedback, and do a good job of supervision and rectification, to ensure that the city’s centralized improvement of rural living environment achieved greater results.