“War scare”?Foreign media: Ukraine’s top 100 richest people have fled

2022-06-11 0 By

Some Ukrainian citizens have responded to calls from foreign governments for their nationals to leave the country, The Russian newspaper reported on February 15.The top 100 richest ukrainians on Forbes’ list have fled the country, kyiv media reported.For example, planes owned by oligarchs fly to Cyprus, Nice, Vienna, Zurich, London and Munich in large numbers, the Website of Ukrainian newspaper Pravda reported, citing data from the 24-hour flying radar website.Only four of Ukraine’s 100 richest people remained in the country as of Monday night, when flights were suspended, according to the website.Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk and many other lesser-known tycoons have fled the country, the report said.Tycoon Igor Kolomoiski, who holds three foreign passports, stayed behind because he was involved in criminal cases in the United States and Israel and had nowhere else to go.Former President Petro Poroshenko has not left Kiev, and a court has withheld his passport to leave the country.But Ukrainian media reported that Mr. Poroshenko had moved his family and assets abroad.To move the cash, he rented a number of armored vehicles.According to a report on the website of Izvestia on February 14, David Alahamia, head of the parliamentary group of Ukraine’s pro-presidential People’s Public Servants Party, said on February 14 that Ukrainian lawmakers plan to submit a bill to the Supreme Rada (Parliament) banning officials and parliamentarians from leaving the country under military conditions in the country.Allahamia said the bill would be filed in parliament in the coming days.The bill would ban all officials and members of parliament from leaving the country once a military state is imposed.Allahamia was quoted as saying, “In view of the current situation in which members of parliament are leaving the country out of fear, there is a need to add a provision to disqualify them.”Earlier in the day, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Alexei Daniloff said that in recent days, a total of 23 Supreme Rada parliamentarians have left the country.President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on departing MPS to return within 24 hours.He also stressed that the Ukrainian authorities should set an example for the people in safeguarding ethnic unity.