Gu posted photos of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and once took off her coat to show jumping. CCTV5 live broadcast her three competitions

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Winter Olympics opening ceremony, Gu Ailing posted pictures of the opening ceremony, too beautiful.Via social media, Gu said: The opening ceremony!Happy mood overflow!Some net friends said: Gu Ailing, you are so beautiful!Chinese red is so nice. It’s so cute to take photos with your phone.As a matter of fact, Gu loves dumplings. As early as January 18, 2022, Princess Gu flew back to China and arrived in Beijing.The beauty, who is regarded as the super favorite to win the Beijing Winter Olympics, is confident and cheerful, unlike many Chinese ice and snow athletes.Upon her return to Beijing Airport, Gu took off her coat and showed off her jumping in front of the media.Back to the isolated hotel room, the staff brought Gu Ailing 20 large dumplings!It was so delicious, it was all over in one fell swoop, Gu said.Like Naomi Osaka, Gu knows which nationality has high commercial value. Osaka is now the first woman in the business value gap, and her commercial value is unlimited.Before, I saw a word to describe Gu Ailing, vitality!Very apposite, but personally I don’t think she is much good, after all, I can easily eat 20 dumplings.Gu Ailing, very intelligent.Gu Ailing participated in three competitions, CCTV CCTV5, CCTV5+, CCTV16, as well as other CCTV mobile live channels, selective live broadcasting.Qualification time of Women’s freestyle ski Big jump: February 7th (Monday, Chinese New Year’s day), 9:20-11:50.Final time: 9:55-11:05, February 8th (Tuesday, the 8th day of Chinese New Year).Gu is weak in freestyle skiing, but after hard training, Gu is expected to win her first gold medal at the Olympics.Women’s freestyle ski slopestyle Qualification: Feb 13 (Sunday, January 13), 9:55-12:00.Final time: 9:00-10:80, February 14th (Monday, January 14th).Women’s halfpipe Freestyle skiing Qualification time: February 17th (Thursday, January 17th) 9:20-11:20.Final time: 9:15-10:50, February 18th (Friday, January 18th).Freestyle skiing halfpipe skill is gu Ailing’s most powerful project.Gu said: I am looking forward to my performance in the Winter Olympics.I love skiing and it’s a great honor to represent the Chinese team.Two years ago, Gu excelled at the 2020 Winter Olympics.At the beginning of 2021, Gu took part in the WORLD X Games for the first time and became famous. Gu won the gold MEDALS of halfpipe and slopestyle and the third place of big jump.Then, Gu went to the Freestyle skiing World Championships, where she won two gold MEDALS and one bronze.