Chinese New Year, have no money, beware of fraud!

2022-06-11 0 By

The coming of the Spring Festival cheater is also in “rush performance”, “earn bonus” Urumqi anti-telecom network fraud center here to remind you to “tighten the purse, keep the hard-earned money” do not give fraudsters an opportunity to remind the police do not participate in any form of network brushing, brushing credibility.Most of the part-time brush, rebate is fraud.Do not borrow money from any institution other than banks and regular online financial institutions.Do not click on unknown sources of Internet links, do not shop on informal websites.Do not believe any winning information, believe that the sky will not fall pie.Do not believe that the Internet investment windfall, not informal financial websites, small programs for investment and financing.Do not trust any self-proclaimed social security, access to the bureau or the public security law department of the telephone inspection, the public security law never through the telephone network to handle cases.Do not verify clear identity, do not remit, transfer money to anyone.If you receive a call from “110, 96110”, it means that you or your family members are suffering from telecom network fraud, or are vulnerable to fraud, please answer immediately!1, do not point to strange links: whether SMS or group links, do not click at will, to verify the authenticity of the first.2, formal channel transactions: do not separate from the trading platform private transfer, encounter repeated money should be particularly vigilant.3, not greedy for cheap goods: do not participate in free delivery, low price activities, through formal channels to understand the commodity information.4, carefully verify identity: meet express claims, relatives and friends to borrow money, should be verified by phone, carefully screen identity.5, part-time jobs do not brush: do not brush online part-time jobs, this is not only dishonest, but also suspected of illegal violations.6, to be sensitive to risk: unknown calls do not believe, especially investment, stock recommendation, loans need to be cautious.7, personal information confidentiality: do not fill in personal information, do not rent account and payment code, do not disclose verification code.Finally, urumqi Anti-Telecom network Fraud Center wishes you all good luck in the Year of the Tiger and a safe Spring Festival.Source: Urumqi Anti-Telecom Network Fraud Center