Super reveal plot!Carefree life 2022 will be launched soon, flexible security, cost-effective beyond imagination

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At the end of the new and the beginning of the year, serious disease insurance market products thousands of sail competition, competition that called a fierce.However, it remains to be seen who the strongest flower will fall.The Chinese New Year has just come, and Wutong jun has a big announcement to make: there will be another heavyweight contestant soon!Wutongshu customized products worry free life 2022 serious disease insurance (exclusive to the Internet) will be launched online soon!Hearsay its return this time is to do enough preparation, full of sincerity, upgrade a lot of security, will be able to show in the market!But is this rumor true or not?Wutong jun today to open the mystery of free life 2022 for the family, to see if it really has so much ability?The product form table is here for you to see. There are several major innovations in carefree Life 2022, which are worth looking forward to:From the diagram, we can see at a glance that there are three optional responsibilities. These three alone can constitute 12 collocation schemes. Again, some options are more than one kind of security content!It is rare to see a serious illness insurance so rich in form and content from optional liability!In addition to the common malignant tumors – severe, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases optional liability, worry-free life 2022 mild disease can also be freely added!In fact, this setting is an opportunity for more budget-strapped friends to start serious illness insurance. If they only need serious illness insurance, they can choose pure serious illness insurance without additional responsibilities, and the premium pressure will be reduced a lot!On the other hand, for those who want a high amount of serious disease protection as a choice, the maximum amount of serious disease insurance can be bought to 900,000 yuan!Fully meet your needs!All in all, the optional responsibility setting of Carefree Life 2022 is undoubtedly to provide a higher degree of freedom for friends with various needs!Of course, we buy serious disease insurance, which is to ensure that the responsibility is rich, but also depends on the value of the content, worriable life 2022, of course, will not let you down.A total of 175 diseases are included, including not only the 28 most common diseases, but also the most common but unnecessary causes such as carcinoma in situ.In the secondary insurance of optional liability for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, 10 specific cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are guaranteed: several high incidence cases of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are covered, and the guarantee is more reassuring.At the same time, for the protection of secondary malignant tumor-severe, it also covers the new occurrence, recurrence, metastasis and persistence of malignant tumor-severe, almost complete coverage!At the same time, its compensation ratio is not low!The compensation proportion of additional optional liability is as follows: no matter it is mild or severe disease, or malignant tumor-severe and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, such compensation intensity in the market is in the upper middle level!Among them, the most prominent is serious disease and intermediate disease, the highest compensation for serious disease reached 1.8 times the amount guaranteed!In the compensation pays strength to achieve 85% to protect the specified amount basically, calculate go up rare!Cumulative calculation, worry-free life 2022 can pay up to 7 times the insurance amount!Equivalent to buying 500,000 insurance, a total of 3.5 million can compensate!This is the total amount of compensation, who else!However, compared with the strong protection and compensation efforts, it is “incompatible”, is its premium!To sum it up in a word, that is: pure serious disease security extreme cost performance, additional basic responsibility without pressure, upgrade comprehensive security super cost-effective!30 years old male, insurance wordless life 2022, choose 300,000 pure serious disease protection, the premium is less than 3000 yuan!On average, even less than 10 yuan a day can buy lifelong security!Even if the additional death protection and severe malignant tumor protection, 300,000 insurance amount, no matter men and women, insurance premiums only about 6500 yuan!As long as six thousand yuan a year, not only can buy a comprehensive serious illness security, and value security!Further counter risks and provide protection for family members!For the family economic pillar, such security is indispensable!There is also a intimate setting, that is to support intelligent core, insurance leave no traces!And to second liver small 3 this world patient is good, the second liver virus that conforms to the condition is carried, second liver small 3 this world patient, want to comply with the condition only, still have opportunity normal accept insurance!Of course, there are a lot of “treasure” points worth studying and exploring in 2022. It is difficult to finish them in one article today. I believe everyone is looking forward to it.Countdown 1 day, February 15, 51life 2022 serious disease insurance (exclusive to the Internet) wutongshu network launch!Stay tuned!Carefree Life 2022 will live up to expectations!