Su Yiming yuanxiao win gold, Gu Ailing want to eat dumplings?Lantern Festival these ceremonies can not feel less!

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Su Yiming, 18, became China’s youngest winter Olympics gold medalist after winning the men’s big jump snowboard gold medal on The Lantern Festival.On the same day, Gu Ailing, who won a silver medal in the women’s slopestyle freestyle skiing event at the Beijing Winter Olympics, said in an interview, “I wish everyone a happy Lantern Festival. I also hope I can have yuanxiao. I like black sesame stuffing.”The Lantern Festival of winter Olympic athletes, in ancient times, the same lively!A thousand years ago, Ouyang Xiu, a poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, described the Festival this way: “On the night of last year’s Yuan Yuan, the flower market lights were like day.On the willow tip head, people about dusk.”Depict a Lantern Festival romantic lively picture scroll.Different from other traditional festivals that emphasize family reunion, the Lantern Festival emphasizes celebration of the whole world.In modern times, the Lantern Festival is still responsible for ending the New Year. It is generally believed that the Spring Festival is over only after the Lantern Festival.This lively Lantern Festival, must be matched with delicious fun, in order to have a sense of ceremony!On the yuanxiao side, Gu Ailing told the camera that she wanted to eat the black sesame stuffing yuanxiao, and there were enthusiastic people who made the winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” shaped tangyuan.Traditional festivals must be prepared with traditional food, a full of juicy ice dun dun with the same style of dumplings, modern people in the heritage and innovation of the integration of ritual sense.Henan SATELLITE TV has always been at the forefront of the trend of yuanxiao in carrying forward the ancient and modern traditions as well as the cultural outlook of the new era.”Yuanxiao’s Wonderful Journey,” a mix of Chinese and modern art that aired last night, became a viral hit on the Internet.Photo source: Henan SATELLITE TV “Yuanxiao Wonderful Tour” in the dance “Yuan-Xi date” reproduces the grand scene of the ancient Lantern Festival, the ancient men and women in the Lantern Festival meet date, mutual love interpretation euphemistic moving.Photo source: henan TV play “yuanxiao wonderful tour” in yuanxiao wear hanfu temple fairs become young people’s festival, and offline paradise and merchants around the target business opportunities, to launch a variety of Lantern Festival hanfu activities, while Shanghai “ShenYuan” after the exit intangible palace lantern exhibition, the Lantern Festival day tickets is booked early in the end, one ticket is hard to find.Dressed in Hanfu, the little brothers and sisters walk and enjoy the lanterns, like a picture scroll.秭 Yan Yan Goerhan costume has become a popular costume for young people during traditional festivals.The booming economy in traditional festivals is not only reflected in clothes, but in all aspects of young people’s lives.Early in the deep cultivation of paper lamp culture of sichuan page ji brand, joint well-known Chinese COMICS IP “Mountains and Rivers and Rivers map” launched joint paper lamp.Nowadays, lanterns have become a kind of culture, symbol and blessing, with people’s good wishes on the Lantern Festival.In the thousand-year history of Chinese civilization, each traditional festival has its own unique customs. In ancient times, people enjoyed the Lantern Festival, guessing lantern riddles, eating yuanxiao and visiting temple fairs.In modern times, people will put on Hanfu, taste the interesting new flavor of tangyuan, walk into the Lantern Festival with the characteristics of the Country, enjoy the beautiful Lantern Festival performance and the exciting Winter Olympics, and then send a text message to close friends to wish “Happy Lantern Festival, PS Su Yuming is so awesome!”.Heritage, innovation, ancient and modern cultural waves in this land fusion bloom, the way to spend the festival may change, but the beauty of the festival is always the same.It is, the lights dim, and see the United States.