Shanghai: 23 policies and measures to promote high-quality development of human resource service industry

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Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Commerce Commission, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and other five departments jointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Shanghai human resources Service industry”, to speed up the construction of the new era of high-level talent in Shanghai.The Implementation Opinions put forward 23 policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of the human resource service industry from four aspects: further implementing fiscal and tax support policies, further broadening investment and financing channels, further upgrading industrial development level, and further strengthening talent team guarantee.Article 8 State policies to explore the inclusion of human resource services in the guiding catalogue for government purchase of human resource services, and strengthen government purchase of human resource services;Encourage human resource service organizations with good operating conditions, standardized management and strong sense of social responsibility to apply for employment internship base or entrepreneurship internship base, and give internship fees and other subsidies;Give full play to the role of Shanghai policy financing guarantee fund for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to provide guarantee for qualified human resources service institutions;Explore the construction of the national human resource service export base, improve the level of human resource service export;Improve the statistical survey system, optimize the statistical classification standards and index system, and establish the revenue, tax and other data sharing mechanism of the human resource service industry;Explore the credit evaluation of human resource service institutions;Improve the professional title evaluation mechanism of human resource service talents, implement separate groups and set single evaluation criteria;Relying on the municipal professional and technical personnel continuing education base, integrating all kinds of resources, accelerating the training of senior management personnel, professional quality management personnel, high-level personnel, backbone and basic professional and technical personnel in the human resource service industry.Make overall use of various capital channels such as Shanghai service industry guidance fund and service trade development fund to vigorously support the high-quality development of Shanghai human resource service industry;Further increase the financial support for Shanghai Human resources service “Bole” award program;Each district will increase subsidies for human resource service institutions, such as financial subsidies, rent subsidies, loan interest subsidies and market development subsidies, and appropriately extend the subsidy period by 3-5 years.We will deepen the application of big data inclusive finance 2.0, promote incremental expansion, support pilot banks in using fintech to quickly “accurately picture” enterprises, and increase credit to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, including the human resources service industry.We will support financial institutions in optimizing financing services for intellectual property pledge loans, further enriching patent and trademark insurance products, promoting the integration of industry and finance, and continuously increasing financial support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises such as human resources services.Explore the establishment of micro, small and medium-sized human resource service institutions in the “credit” platform dedicated to financing section;We will deepen the “Light of the Huangpu River” initiative, and support qualified human resource service enterprises in listing on the multi-level capital market and in mergers and acquisitions.More experts with human resource service background should be selected to participate in the evaluation of Shanghai service industry guide fund projects.Launched seven innovation policies including encourage and support the human resources service enterprise, has the independent research and development of intellectual property rights can be converted to technology innovation, service innovation, the mode of human resources service and product innovation project, involved in technical contract registration, we ranked high and new technology enterprise, eligible can enjoy relevant preferential tax policies by the regulation;Each district provides financial support to the national and municipal human resource service industrial parks in terms of opening preparation, daily operation, activities and management services.We will deepen trials to facilitate cross-border settlement, and encourage banking financial institutions to actively use existing foreign exchange facilitation policies to serve key human resources service institutions on the premise of compliance with the law and risks under control.Explore the construction of municipal human resources service industrial park;Support hr service industry organizations to carry out various skills competitions or participate in the hosting of thematic competitions;We will carry out national-level demonstration and pilot projects to standardize service industries.Further expand Shanghai’s high-quality human resource service institutions into the list of non-Shanghai college graduates who have settled down, talent introduction directly settled down institutions, and implement dynamic supervision.The implementation Opinions also put forward that all districts and departments concerned should attach great importance to the development of human resource service industry, strengthen scientific planning, implement input policies and improve the working mechanism.The human resources and social security departments of each district shall, in combination with the actual conditions of the district, formulate supporting policies of the district together with relevant departments to form a working pattern to promote the high-quality development of the human resources service industry.Editor: Zhang Zixuan