Quick to help!There is no honor in carrying out a transshipment mission

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The third day of the first lunar month is the third day of the Lunar New Year, which is also the eighth day of the high-speed operation of yuhang transport special class.In this continuous rotation, the day and night reversed 8 days, all members of the transfer special class give up their homes, for everyone, give up the Spring Festival holiday, continuous high-intensity “combat”.At all times, they move and obey orders to safely and quickly transport health care workers, close contacts and sub-close contacts to their destinations.They know that the fight against the epidemic needs speed and time is everything!New Year’s Eve, midnight 23:44 in the viaduct drive hu Yuquan eyes, at the moment only two things, one is the dashboard, the second is the road ahead.He has lost count of the number of transfers he has made today, 358 kilometers and counting.On the side of the box lunch already cold, this special “New Year’s Eve dinner” he did not have time to eat, because he did not want to miss the transport work.Jiang Guanxing, an old-timer on the transfer team, teaches new drivers how to wear protective clothing, masks and goggles while driving.After this, Hu Yuquan knew that the transfer workload is large, and the drivers and vehicles are few, often need 24 hours of continuous rotation, to meet the needs of the work.The clothes in the protective suit were often soaked with sweat, and it was especially cold on winter nights when cold waves set in. The protective suit could not be undone during long-distance transportation, making it difficult to eat and go to the toilet.Sweat wet white, smile like a child.These ten days, like Jiang and Hu, the transshipment group of teachers basically ran more than 200 kilometers every day, and many teachers ushered in the Year of the Tiger on the transshipment road.The most happy for them every day, is in the transfer special class group hit “successfully complete today’s task!”At 2:38 am on the first day of the first lunar month, “Hello, this is the Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control. Buses for medical staff and taxis for nucleic acid samples are urgently needed.””Okay, copy that. Arrange it right away.”After receiving the order, Bo Yamin, the chief dispatcher of yuhang District Transport Bureau, immediately called the passenger transport enterprise to communicate with the car matters. This number she had dialed too many times, already knew clearly in her chest and even formed muscle memory. Within 3 minutes, she successfully completed the assignment of vehicles.Overnight transfers, vehicle transfers, and uploads are her mission.”The hardest part is not us, but the transfer drivers, who have to overcome unimaginable difficulties.””Bo always said when her colleagues urged her to take a rest.Besides BoYaMin, transport Lu Xiao, LouTing female comrade, designed the class at the moment they are no longer husband and tender wife, no longer is the daughter of parents spoil eyes, they are the red berries in the winter, carry burdens, firmly with the bravery of “women don’t let a man”, in the rain the soft power of shoulder transport work up half the sky.The first day, 4:12 am mobile phone volume button has been pressing +, the volume to the maximum;The bottom of the phone should also be connected to the wire to keep the battery fully charged at all times.”I have to charge up every shift, turn my cell phone to full volume, and dare not fall asleep because the task will come at any moment.””Transfer contact group shift 24 hours non-stop, mobile phone computer back and forth to see, for fear of missing a message, resulting in poor follow-up information, so that the work in front of all in vain.”By now, Xu fangyu had stayed up all night for two times. He was transferred from the army at the end of December 2020 and joined the big family of Yuhang Transportation. He has always maintained the fine style of the army.As a strong young man, in addition to cooperating with the driver master to take the car, but also li Chunli, Gu Junhua and others took the initiative to undertake the transfer group information collection and reporting work.Transport is a systematic and overall work, from the working group of dispatching orders, the contact person with cars, the contact person at the isolation point to the contact person in the community, it is necessary to ensure the smooth connection of the whole work chain without mistakes.24 hours on the job, basically in non-stop phone calls, navigation positioning, communication and coordination spent.His “comrain-in-arms” Gu Junhua made phone calls for more than 600 minutes in two days and nights, and his voice was already hoarse. He put a golden voice on his desk and in his pockets. “I feel ashamed that I have no time to spend with my family this Spring Festival, but they all understand and support our work very well.I hope the epidemic recedes soon and everyone can sleep well!”Guarding a pass, moyicheng district Bureau of Transport “fast transfer” scheduling special team since the establishment of January 27, with a high sense of responsibility and sense of mission, to maintain a 24-hour high-speed operation, even during the Spring Festival.On the first day of the Chinese New Year, 47 buses and taxis were successively dispatched from the early morning of February 1 to transport 158 medical staff and nucleic acid samples to Fuyang.Buses were sent 15 times to transfer sub-close contacts and 50 people who had been quarantined.On the second day of the lunar New Year, 62 buses and taxis were used to transport medical staff and nucleic acid samples to Fuyang.21 buses were sent, and 42 sub-contacts were transferred. The last mission was completed at 1:00 a.m. on February 3.On the third day of February 3, 63 buses and taxis have been dispatched to transport medical staff and nucleic acid samples to Fuyang since 4 o ‘clock in the morning.20 buses are equipped to transfer sub-close contact personnel.Up to now, 185 transhipment vehicles have been dispatched by the “Express Transfer” dispatching team. Behind these figures, we are united as one.The fastest speed, the highest efficiency, the strongest organization!Yuhang traffic should guard people’s life and health “ferryman”.How many retrograde from night to day, how many care is hidden in the heart, in order to guard the lights of ten thousand families, they are willing to do behind-the-scenes hero!In the battle of epidemic prevention and control, the members of the special transfer team did not like the flow, elimination, volunteers in the front line, but they are like the guarantee center in a war, race against time, mission will be achieved, to provide a solid transport force for epidemic prevention and control.This article is edited by Yuhang Traffic source: Yuhang traffic