Girl must remember, no matter how much you love him, the order can not be reversed

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As the saying goes: men afraid into the wrong line, women afraid to marry the wrong lang.In the Book of Changes, there is exactly such a hexagrams that guide us to “marry the right man and enter the right line”, which is the gradually hexagrams.The words of the hexagrams: “Female return to good luck, li Zhen”.If we adopt the principle of gradually hexagrams and follow the procedure step by step, the result of this woman’s marriage will be good.If a woman should marry, where should she marry?Marry into what family?Girls must remember, marriage you have to have their own attitude, step by step development, do not worry.Get to know each other’s family If you live in a different place, family background, values, etc., it is a good idea to get to know each other’s family first and interact with each other.See if there is anything that should be reconciled between the backgrounds of the two families, and then wait to see if the two people are really congenial. It is best to find a matchmaker (a friend or relative that both parties know together) and carry out the marriage step by step according to the marriage procedure, which is called the gradual way.”Gradually into also, female return auspicious also”, adhere to the gradual way, in accordance with the marriage process slowly unfolded, the woman married will be lucky.Love is a matter of two people, and marriage is a matter of two families.When you are in love, you can choose the person you like according to your own preferences, regardless of his/her family situation.And when you want to get married, it is necessary to involve both families, depending on the family situation, depending on the attitude of parents, to see whether the other party can really go on with their own.Love without firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea troubles, and marriage is built on this basis.Marriage marriage is a life event, the most important thing for two people to live together is the right, the right personality, the right personality, the right style of life, the right three views.If you fall into one of the following categories, I suggest you take this test: you’re emotionally attached and feel like it’s time to get married;Love road is not you;You are currently single and longing for love and marriage.❤️ In the face of marriage, we must be adequately prepared to manage our own happiness!