Deng Zhou Traffic Police: Traffic safety publicity into the community

2022-06-10 0 By

On April 7, Dengzhou traffic police brigade went deep into dengzhou city, towns and schools to carry out “one Helmet area” traffic safety publicity activities.Activity, in the city center park, patrol squadron police 1 page by issuing leaflets, propaganda banners hanging theme, to you face to face this paper elaborates on the importance of “a” area on the helmet, read the “nanyang non-motor vehicles management method”, let us deeply realized that “one area of the helmet” have been incorporated into the legal category, cause everybody attaches great importance to.Around the main intersections in ses experimental school, police He Yuanxiao through examples involving “a helmet in” typical traffic accident cases, detailed seat belts and the importance of sending a helmet, and not wearing a seatbelt and not sending a helmet of different consequences, enhance its “a helmet Safety in the “traffic civilization consciousness.Before the exa east government gate, hand color pages of civilian police to passing the driving without a license in the villagers, drunk driving, the overcrowding overload, speeding, answering phone calls, new lights, and reverse harmful effects and consequences such as traffic violations of the law, further popularization of road traffic safety laws and regulations, urge you to abandon the bad traffic, starts from oneself,Encourage friends and family to join in civilized travel.The purpose of this activity is to establish the safety awareness of wearing safety helmet and seat belt correctly, so that everyone deeply aware of the importance of road traffic safety, strictly abide by the law, do safe travel, civilized driving.