Comparison done!The genome of the asymptomatic infected person in Chongqing is highly homologous with that of the local case outside chongqing

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The pneumonia outbreak caused by novel coronavirus infections has not yet been completely eradicated.The whole country does not dare to slack off, is further increasing the “coordinated operation” efforts, vowed to resolutely win this “war without smoke of gunpowder”.With the continuous development of the epidemic, the daily changes in the data of confirmed and suspected cases are of greater concern to the Chinese people.Internal prevent rebound, external prevent input pressure continues to increase.The Novel Coronavirus gene sequencing of asymptomatic COVID-19 patient 1 in Nanan District of Chongqing has been completed, according to the Chongqing Center for Disease Control and Prevention.It is reported that the virus infected by asymptomatic infected person 1 in Nanan area belongs to VOC/Omicron variant (ba.2 evolutionary branch), and the novel Coronavirus gene sequence is different from that of the existing local cases and imported cases in Chongqing.According to the comparison of the Novel Coronavirus gene conducted by the China CDC, it was highly homologous with the genome of a local epidemic case outside the city.* Editor’s note: The above text aims to convey more up-to-date information.(You can send us a private message of relevant clues, or leave a comment at the end of the article to give the first feedback of relevant clues in your hands.)One heart!Fight the epidemic!Look out for each other!Overcome the difficulties together!↓↓↓ ↓ Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.Left left left