Bombardier delivers its 100th aircraft in Tianjin

2022-06-10 0 By

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, the hangar of Bombardier (Tianjin) Aviation Services Co., LTD., an enterprise in tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, has resumed its busy production scene.Tianjin: Just after the Spring Festival holiday, bombardier (Tianjin) Aviation Services Co., LTD. (abbreviated as “Bombardier Tianjin”) has resumed its busy production scene in the hangar.”Two more business jets entered the hangar yesterday, and we will carry out relevant inspection and maintenance operations.At present, the company has 8 business jets to be repaired, and the repair and inspection period has been scheduled until late May.”Bombardier tianjin production manager Tang Xiaoming said.Bombardier is a well-known aerospace manufacturer in the world.Since Bombardier tianjin settled in the BONDED Zone in 2017, it has focused on the maintenance and modification, aviation material support and other related services of the whole series of Bombardier business jets. Currently, it holds 8 maintenance licenses including China (CAAC), European Union (EASA) and Joint Maintenance Management (JMM), and its business scope covers nearly 40 countries and regions.Deep overhaul of bombardier all-platform aircraft up to 240 calendar months or 30,000 flight hours, as well as route, component maintenance and emergency support services.In 2021, Bombardier Tianjin conducted 45 flights of ordered inspection and modified aircraft.On the eve of the Spring Festival in the year of the Tiger, the 100th ordered aircraft it undertook was completed and delivered to customers.(Fu Yongjun, Editor of Jinyun News) Source: Tianjin Daily