Announce a breakthrough!The fate of Huawei and SMIC has finally arrived

2022-06-10 0 By

How hard was it to build an EUV lithography machine?As the ASML engineers put it: even if they gave China the blueprint for the lithography machine, China would not be able to build it.Now, ASML has mentioned such remarks again, but there has been a sudden change of face.Some time ago, ASML stated that China was unlikely to independently replicate the edge-edge lithography technology.ASML was supposed to have as much clout as ever.But in fact, having said that, ASML gave himself a bit of leeway.It is not impossible, it says, because Chinese scientists will keep trying.At that time, I did not understand why ASML suddenly “changed its face” and poured cold water on China’s cutting-edge lithography machine development, while giving some “confidence”.But when the EUV lithography key technology was announced as a breakthrough, xiaobian finally understood the reason for ASML’s change of attitude.Recently, The Journal of Semiconductors released the top ten semiconductor research progress report in China in 2021.According to the information in the report, the team of Prof. Gao Peng of the Electron Microscopy Laboratory of Peking University has successfully mastered the scanning transmission electron microscopy technology.Not only that, but this technology breaks through the traditional limitations and achieves a higher precision EUV optical process technology.This means that the key technology of EUV lithography has once again been announced as a breakthrough.Fortunately, our Scientific research institutions and semiconductor enterprises in China have made breakthroughs in the three key core technologies of EUV lithography machine: objective lens, light source and two-piece workbench.So this is definitely good news for us.After all, when the research becomes more commercialized, we will be even closer to making an EUV lithography machine, and breaking ASML’s stranglehold on the EUV lithography machine market will be within reach.No wonder ASML’s face changed.Personally, the breakthrough of this key technology is also related to the “fate” of Huawei and SMIC.Looking at the difficulties encountered by Huawei’s Kirin chip, in fact, the solution is to have our independent research and development EUV lithography machine.Once the EUV lithograph is developed, Huawei’s Kirin chip will be able to see the light of day again, which could be a blessing for the fortunes of huawei’s handset business.Although THE foundry strength of SMIC is constantly increasing, it is also the short board of THE EUV lithography machine that SMIC cannot promote the advanced process faster for the time being, resulting in a gap in foundry strength with TSMC and Samsung.However, if THE EUV lithography machine is completely broken, SMIC has obtained the EUV lithography machine, coupled with the efforts of Liang Mengsong and other technical personnel, then SMIC’s strength in the global chip foundry market may increase.The future of the core at that time, with the present situation are mostly different.Therefore, it seems to me that the fate of SMIC and Huawei, or more limited companies in this regard, also depends on the breakthrough of this key technology.All in all, we are finally waiting for this day, see the EUV lithography machine more hope.It is believed that with the efforts of more scientific and technological talents, the EUV lithography machine made in China will soon be available.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment, like and share!