Most of Shaanxi province will see persistent rain and snow from 25th to 28th

2022-06-09 0 By

From January 25 to 28, most of our province has continuous rain and snow weather process.The heaviest period of rain and snow is on 26th and 27th, after 26th, snow will mainly fall in the province.The southern part of Northern Shaanxi and eastern Guanzhong will see light snow (0 ~ 1 mm), western Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi will see light to moderate snow or sleet (0 ~ 3 mm), and local moderate to heavy snow (3 ~ 6 mm).New snow depth in Qinba mountain area 1 ~ 2 cm.On The 26th, the northern part of northern Shaanxi has light snow (0 ~ 2 mm), the southern part of Northern Shaanxi has small to medium snow (2 ~ 5 mm), guanzhong, southern Shaanxi has medium to heavy snow (3 ~ 9 mm), the eastern part of southern Shaanxi has heavy snow (8 ~ 11 mm).Northern Shaanxi new snow depth 0 ~ 2 cm, guanzhong most, southern Shaanxi new snow depth 1 ~ 3 cm, Qinba mountain new snow depth 2 ~ 6 cm.On the 26th, there will be about 4 east winds in the north of Guanzhong.On The 27th, there was light snow (0 ~ 1 mm) in northern Shaanxi, moderate snow (2 ~ 4 mm) in southern Shaanxi, moderate snow (3 ~ 5 mm) in western Guanzhong and western Southern Shaanxi, and heavy snow (5 ~ 9 mm) in western Guanzhong and eastern Southern Shaanxi.Southern Northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong, western Southern Shaanxi new snow depth of 1 ~ 3 cm, eastern Southern Shaanxi, Qinba mountains new snow depth of 2 ~ 5 cm.On the 27th, the daily average temperature in northern Shaanxi decreased by 4 ~ 6℃.On The 28th, it will be overcast in northern Shaanxi and northern Guanzhong, and light snow (0 ~ 1 mm) will fall in southern Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi.The daily average temperature of the whole province drops about 4℃.In addition, during the rain and snow, the visibility in Yan ‘an and the south of Our province was low, especially from the night of 28th to 30th, the visibility in some places was less than 500 meters.(Issued by Shaanxi Province)