Iran could be kicked out of the World Cup!It’s too much to think about

2022-06-09 0 By

According to foreign media sources, FIFA is asking About Iran’s refusal to allow female fans to attend the match, which has sparked a row, and Iran has not ruled out being kicked out of the World Cup.Against Cambodia in the round of 40, 3,500 female fans watched Iran thrashing 14-0.It was the first time in 40 years that Iranian women fans had entered Tehran’s Azadi Stadium to watch a football match.Iran, who have already qualified for the final round of 12 at home to Lebanon, are selling 12,500 tickets, of which 2,000 will be reserved for female fans.But on the day of the match, security guards refused to let in female fans who had already bought tickets, sparking riots outside as thousands of women protested being evicted by police with pepper spray.FIFA is now asking about the situation.Russia have already been disqualified from the world qualifying play-offs by FIFA, which also has the right to kick Iran out of the tournament after finishing first in Group A of the last 12.Italy’s hopes have been boosted by Italian media Sport Mediaset’s analysis that FIFA may consider qualifying a top-ranked team if Iran is kicked out of the World Cup.In the latest FIFA rankings, Italy are ranked sixth in the world, with five teams ahead of them already qualified for the tournament.Fans hit back: “Too much thinking, it should be north Macedonia.If Iran is knocked out of the World Cup, the United Arab Emirates, who are third in Group A, are most likely to qualify.