Iflytek has released a patent on “road rage warning method”, which can warn others to avoid in time

2022-06-09 0 By

Iflytek Co.,Ltd. Recently opened “a road rage warning method, device, system, vehicle and storage medium” invention patent, application number CN202111322439.2, application number CN114023039A.According to the Tianyan App, the warning method of road rage includes establishing the corresponding relationship between the severity of road rage and the warning strategy, and obtaining the road rage mapping table. The warning strategy includes the vehicle light emitting strategy, the vehicle display strategy or the vehicle sound reminding strategy.To obtain the current road rage severity, the current road rage severity is the severity of the driver’s road rage in the current scene;The current road rage severity was matched with the road rage mapping table to get the current reminding policy. The current reminding policy is the reminding policy corresponding to the current road rage severity.Alert others around the vehicle in the current scene according to the current alert strategy.In this way, the application can warn others to move out of the way when a driver is in a state of road rage to prevent an accident.