The first day of the Year of the Tiger holiday: go all out to ensure people’s health needs after the holiday

2022-06-08 0 By

On February 7, 7:35 minutes, the reporter came to the first Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, the outpatient auxiliary building and the outpatient building to see a long line of patients, the hospital medical order is in good order, the guide to guide patients with enthusiasm.Zeng Zhong, president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming University of Medical Sciences, said that all the hospital has closed leave, and all the staff are on duty, in place and on duty. The hospital has made careful and scientific arrangements to ensure the health needs of the people, to ensure medical safety, and to meet the arrival of the peak of medical treatment.Hospital leaders and leaders of relevant functional departments went to front-line clinical departments, laboratories, medical imaging, fever clinics and other inspections to ensure the smooth and orderly work of hospitals, ensure the coordinated development of epidemic prevention and control and People’s Daily medical needs, and ensure that prevention and control and people’s health are balanced.Third floor senile chest surgery shi Yunfei director introduced, in the face of patient surge, he asked the general staff with full enthusiasm and responsible attitude, in order to meet the health needs of the people for the purpose, do not loose thinking, standards do not fall, responsibility to strengthen, in the case of ensuring medical safety, to do a good job in medical services.”Go to the geriatric respiratory department for anti-inflammatory first, and decide the next treatment plan according to the anti-inflammatory situation. Conservative treatment is the best if possible, and surgery is considered last resort.”Director Shi asked a patient about the symptoms and looked at a variety of examinations, patiently and warmly explained to the patient.The reporter understands, the patient still is given priority to with digestive system disease, because the life does not have regular and intemperate, basically behave, bring about the disease such as gastrointestinal function disorder.As the Spring Festival, the weather changes, resulting in a significant increase in respiratory patients, the elderly also showed a significant increase in disease.In order to ensure that every patient can receive reasonable and effective treatment, the hospital is carefully arranged, carefully scheduled, and dutifully protects the lives and health of the people.(Reporter Liu Shugui)