The Youth League municipal Committee carried out a centralized campaign to improve the rural living environment

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To help beautiful countryside construction, improve rural living environment, guide the local custom civilization, pku action quickly, for guidance on the youth volunteer service, the city’s youth league organizations at all levels actively mobilize the dawn of youth volunteer college students help rural living environment focus, a clampdown by controlling the concentration of “six” disorderly, to carry out the “six”, “file to upgrade for the power to promote the rural residential environment,To promote the city’s rural areas as soon as possible clean up, green up, bright up, the United States to contribute to the strength of youth.In Puyang County, puyang County Party Committee mobilized Chenxi university student volunteers to actively participate in the centralized renovation of the rural living environment, cleaning up the main and secondary roads, courtyards, and the garbage in front and behind the house in the village, and thoroughly cleaning up the sanitary dead spots, helping to rapidly improve the appearance of the village;Distribute the villagers’ proposals and use the village loudspeaker to publicize the centralized renovation of rural living environment, creating a strong social atmosphere.In Qingfeng County group Qingfeng County Party committee organized young volunteers to widely participate in the rural living environment centralized remediation action, the volunteers acted quickly, have picked up a broom, dustpan, shovel and other tools, with practical action to contribute to the construction of a beautiful Qingfeng youth strength!In Nanle County, the Party Committee of Nanle County organized Chenxi college students to clean up garbage in public areas along highways. Led by the volunteers, the initiative of the surrounding people to participate in the centralized remediation of rural living environment was greatly enhanced and a good social atmosphere was created.In he finds he finds mission to organize the county township 300 dawn the rural residential environment of college student volunteers to participate in a clampdown, they further traffic trunk road, the schiscosomiasis highway, loaning, villagers, behind the house clearing silt, sweeping the street, pick up white trash, eliminate health dead Angle, guide the masses to carry out the health before cleaning, ring in the New Year.In Taiqian County, in order to effectively eliminate the hidden danger of road snow, the Tuantaiqian County Committee actively launched Chenxi college students volunteers to clean up the snow in and outside the village, in front of the house and behind the house, and along the highway in a timely manner, to contribute to the centralized renovation of rural living environment.In Hualong District, hualong District Committee organized Chenxi College students to carry out voluntary service activities such as road snow clearing, courtyard cleaning and household garbage sorting in Hugancheng Village, Mengke Township.In the household cleaning, an old man said, before they also do not know garbage sorting, now volunteers can come to the village hand in hand to teach them really great!The charm of volunteering is to warm people’s hearts in small ways.The development zone group development district party committee, on college student volunteers issued “meet dawn volunteer, to describe and colorful youth”, wang help town big village college volunteers, dawn of a positive response to a call, to the streets, into the old old people who live alone at home, cleaning the yard, remove snow, to the village cadres in detail garbage classification method,We will use concrete actions to support centralized efforts to improve the rural living environment.In order to ensure the road safety and smooth, provide convenience for residents to travel in the demonstration area, the demonstration area youth League Working Committee organized Chenxi college students volunteers to clean up the snow and garbage on both sides of the road and in the village streets and lanes, they took their own actions to contribute to the centralized renovation of rural living environment.Final review: Li Ling First Review: Wang Xiaoguang Editor: Wang Xiaoguang Contributed: the league of counties (district) committee