“Rizhao Museum little Talent” customs clearance punching activity officially opened

2022-06-08 0 By

Museum is a witness of history. The cultural relics displayed in each museum are priceless treasures left to us by history.Punching in museums has become the new mode of travel.In order to enhance the understanding and understanding of the museum among citizens, especially children, and boost the high-quality development of Rizhao Museum, Rizhao Culture and Tourism Bureau will launch the “Rizhao Museum Little Talent” customs clearance punching activity from February 1 to September 30, 2022.Rizhao City Museum Museum of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression Lanshan District Museum Jiazishan Campaign Museum Juzhou Museum Wulian County Museum Rizhao King Yao Cultural Museum It is understood that the city altogether 7 museums participated in this activity,They are Rizhao Museum, Rizhao Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, Lanshan District Museum, Jiazishan Campaign Memorial Hall, Juzhou Museum, Wulian County Museum, Rizhao King Yao Culture Museum.During the activity, children will be issued “Rizhao Museum Little Talent” passport for free. If you collect 7 museum seals within the specified period of time, you can get “Rizhao Museum Little Talent” mysterious souvenir.Citizens and tourists can go to the above 7 museums to get the passport of “Rizhao Museum Little Talent”. When they visit the museum, they can answer the interesting knowledge questions carefully designed by each museum and successfully stamp their stamps.Spring Festival is approaching. What’s the best New Year gift to accompany your child to a museum exploration trip?Get moving!