“Human beauty” Liu Yan: life is swallowed up by sexy, desire marriage but no one wants, 41 years old is still single

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Article/your circle poison elder sister “new blind date general assembly”, Meng Fei asked Liu Yan: why do you still single?Liu Yan did not hesitate to answer very seriously that he had fallen into self-doubt.If YOU have to ask why, maybe it’s because I’m too old, maybe I’m too pushy, maybe I have a career that makes me unreliable.Liu yan must have been asked too many similar questions, and finally added: sometimes we say respect others, you don’t ask, is also a greater kindness.Meng fei did not change the subject because of Liu yan’s words, but continued to ask: will you lower the standard of choosing a mate because of this?Liu didn’t know what to say, but later posted an answer on weibo.I have never lowered my standards, because I have never met someone who makes me drop all standards.I have regrets, but I still have expectations.People are always concerned about Liu Yan’s love, as long as they see her, she is always inseparable from the topic of urging marriage.Until now, Liu Yan has been accustomed to early, from the initial high-profile response, to now let nature take its course.Liu Yan did not marry, but experienced love.Each time she deeply invested, but in return is black and blue.Liu Yan is a sexy goddess in everyone’s eyes.Since her debut, she has worked as a host, released songs, shot movies, and tried many different fields.But it wasn’t her career she was really remembered for, it was her sexy breasts.”Her breasts are so big,” people always say of Liu Yan, with a trace of admiration, but also a little disdain.So much so that when she became a victim, the spotlight turned on her, just because she was sexy?For the sake of “sexy” these two words, what did Liu Yan bear?Liu Yan was born in 1980 to a very ordinary family in Hengyang, Hunan Province.Although the family conditions are ordinary, but the parents are respectful and loving, they are the model couple in everyone’s eyes.Growing up in such a happy family, Liu Yan’s childhood was naturally filled with happiness and joy.More importantly, under the influence of her parents, Liu Yan is full of longing for love and hopes that she can have a true love in the future, just like her parents.Liu yan’s parents are strict with their children, especially not allowing them to fall in love with their children.They have been emphasizing the difference between men and women in liuyan’s ear, so that before the age of 18, Liuyan’s face seemed to write the four characters of boys do not close.After graduating from school, Liu Yan, less than 20 years old, met a boy more than 10 years older than himself when he went to work in guangdong Army hospital.At that time, she was in her blooming season. She was attracted by the calm temperament on the other side very quickly, and then began her first love.However huge age difference became the biggest obstacle between two people love, after the mother of Liu Yan is informed this matter resolutely opposes.Can not bear to see her mother sad Liuyan, and did not choose to love capricious, but the tearful end of their own so far the most real a relationship.At that time, she did not rely on the “breast” famous, just a pure and even some rustic little girl.But because this is this true, the first love that just lets Liu Yan becomes commendable, because after this, the road of her love was tied up with sex appeal together.At that time, nursing was a dream job for many female students, but Liu quit her job and went into the entertainment industry.All these are related to liu Yan’s filial piety.After breaking up with first love, Liu Yan has no time to be sad for this paragraph of amour at all, must face the sad news that mother just is diagnosed rectum cancer.At that moment, she had already put her love behind her and was only thinking about how to make money quickly to pay for her mother’s huge medical expenses.At that time, a beauty contest was held in Guangzhou, and the winner was awarded 10,000 yuan.This makes Liu Yan heart unceasingly, the first time to sign up, although eventually did not get it, but let her have another life.After entering the entertainment industry, Liu worked as a host for the first time.It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have a degree, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have hosting experience, because no one is asking her to actually host a show.At that time, liuyan’s greatest value, is to rely on sexy figure when others foil, quietly do a vase.Liu Yan naturally do not want to become a decoration, she wants to become the person that others can not be replaced.Therefore, even though the leader has no requirement for her business ability, she will still work hard to learn every day, and every process of the host, she will repeatedly figure out in her mind.Although Liu yan has made rapid progress and has acquired almost all the abilities and qualities of a host, the leaders still treat her as just eye candy.In the eyes of leaders, there are a lot of hosts, but like this can rely on ostentatious stature to attract people’s attention, but only Liu Yan a.Liu yan was so eager to prove herself that under the pressure of her intense work, she slept very little every day.But even if she went out early and returned late, she did not complain, because she knew, want to get rid of the fate of vase, must rely on their own efforts.It was a gloomy time, but the appearance of a boy made her life a ray of sunshine.The other party is also a circle of people, and she is not famous, which may let them know how to cherish each other, in mutual encouragement to determine the love relationship.However, Liuyan did not get the recognition of the man’s mother, because her beauty, in the eyes of a lot of elders, and Oriental women gentle inside collect contrary.In addition, her job always makes some elders feel unreliable and naturally won’t agree to hand over her son.The man’s mother always finds a variety of reasons to pick on Liu Yan’s fault, not questioning her not to make breakfast for his son, or under the pretext of teaching Liu Yan cooking as an opportunity to make sarcastic remarks.However, all these rumors to endure, thinking that time will change his attitude to her.It was only when her boyfriend broke up with her under pressure that She realized it was not that she was not good enough, but that no matter how she did it, it was futile in the eyes of someone who didn’t like her.After saying goodbye to the relationship, Liu yan put more energy on career development.However, in 2008, Liu yan’s body had a bit of a problem, was detected in the chest fibroma.If things don’t look good, plastic surgery may be needed.The sudden illness let Liu Yan accept the invitation of “men dress”, she did not know what would happen, but at that moment, she just wanted to leave her most beautiful moment.This is why she, who has always been very conservative in private, did not turn down a sexy magazine shoot for the first time.Just this decision is letting her become curtilage men and women god while, also let her bear sexy this label, until today also cannot tear.Liu Yan has been very hard, especially the strength of the host has reached a professional level.Her journey from Hunan to Guangdong and from Guangdong to Beijing was not easy for Liu Yan.But we can not see her pay completely, just feel that her success, can not leave the sexy two words.”So many people got to know me.But they always me, Liuyan ah, what all won’t, will only lend chest superior.”It’s just a movie line, but when Liu yan says it, he clearly feels the same way.For people who get something for nothing, people are always difficult to accept, and Liu Yan is just such a person in people’s eyes.When she was heckled by a group of groomsmen at the Baubert wedding and almost thrown into the water, no one could understand how scared she was.Instead of accusing her of what she deserved, asked why so many people threw you?Because feel this thing brought trouble to the wedding of bao Bell, Liuyan chose to apologize.But was it really her fault?Apparently not.But even so, people took her down on her, dismissing her apology as a publicity stunt.Liu Yan, whose career took a nosedive, did not appear in public for a long time.However, at this time, love more than 4 years and the relationship has been very stable boyfriend, unexpectedly put forward to break up.Liu Yan did not know what he did wrong, she wanted to ask her boyfriend why break up, but pride let her choose silence.Perhaps she had already guessed that she was too “sexy” and too “famous”, which became her boyfriend’s biggest burden.Liu Yan may be the best girlfriend in a man’s mind, but when it comes to marriage, she is not the best candidate.Otherwise, she is already over 30 years old. Why has she not waited for her boyfriend to propose to her when they have been in love for four or five years?Liu yan, then 37, was still hopeful about love despite repeated disappointments and even took the initiative to participate in a dating show.I hope I can find my Mr. Right as soon as possible and let my mother no longer worry about her marriage.However, Liu Yan’s beauty is too “conspicuous”, so it makes people shy away, or let people question whether she is really suitable to be a wife?But all these are people’s self-speculation, they are never willing to spend time to really understand Liuyan, but take for granted with sexy two words to her injury again.If you pay attention to Liu Yan, I believe people will find that her private dress is very conservative, which should be related to her original family education.I was told by my parents that I could not talk to boys or play with boys.Such a girl, her sexy openness, may be only the surface.Now 41 years old Liu Yan, very calm to accept their current life.As she said herself, one should live the rest of one’s life with quality if the right person doesn’t come along.As a woman of the new era, Liu Yan undoubtedly lived out her own self.She has never given up her yearning for love and marriage, but now these are just embellishments for her.If she came, she was welcome. It didn’t matter if she didn’t come, because she had enough money to live a wonderful life alone.Want to know more exciting content, follow your circle poison sister