A person can live a good life, these roots can be found

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Everyone comes to this world to create wealth with his own hands. Everyone has 24 hours a day. Everyone enjoys the same sun, breathes the same air, has the same dream, and pursues the same happy family and life.In fact, a person’s life can be beautiful and happy, some roots can be found.One, not afraid to bear hardships and brave struggle of everyone and the biggest gap is that some people are lazy, but some people are not afraid to bear hardships and brave struggle.Home have a neighbor, a generation children, a senior five children are between the two broken broken mud brick house, several children earn money because no money also dropped out of school to go out early reading, some do your own small business is a business, a few years ago, few people look at their home, don’t say to his son said the daughter-in-law, poor clinking home doesn’t even have to daughter husband’s family matchmaker.But the mother was an able woman, and after the children grew up and stood on their own feet, life began to look up.The fields of farming busy after a year, the couple is busy, the Chinese tofu, boiled soybean milk to the school gate, selling vegetables city street, the winter also ground rice flour threshing rice noodles, summer do liangpi bean jelly, is diligent, the family under the guidance of her, a few years not only the children all their home town to buy a house, the home also has built building,All day long, daughters and sons-in-law come back to visit relatives, or sons and daughters-in-law come back to visit their parents. The whole family is happy and lively. Both parents are over 60 years old, but they are still busy making money.God is fair, do not steal, do not rob, by both hands to earn money, is real gold and silver deposit, not afraid of hardship, destined to usher in a better life.In the movie “I and My Fathers”, there is a man called the “Duck Prophet”.During the reform and opening up era, he worked in a pharmaceutical distillery, but the distillery could not sell its liquor. So he collected enough money to buy all the unsalable liquor in the distillery, and filled the upstairs, downstairs and kitchen of his house with pharmaceutical liquor, dreaming of making a lot of money from him.Although the quality of medicinal wine is very good, but we do not understand, duck prophet while thinking about how to sell wine, while to be with full of complaining about his wife’s battle of wits, but also almost make a divorce.Later he thought of an idea, with his son, every day in the bus back and forth to take the bus, in the car staged double play, pretend to find the baby, to sell their own wine, for a long time, there is no effect, the people on the bus are away from him, think they are liars.Suddenly one day he found the street someone in advertising in the past to ask what is it, when the TV is not the word advertising, the advertising staff are temporarily withdraw from other department, he has a brainwave, very interested to chat with one of the small staff, in the long run, please the small staff to have a meal,Encouraged every day with the little advertising staff to take his wine to small employees really feel embarrassed face, finally agreed to take time to give him shoot advertising, field also can not find, however, and no money, duck prophet and move up his crooked brains, let son coaxed the wife go to the movies, eat in the street, it is a day don’t go home, shooting themselves with the workers ran to the home,When he had no actors, he pulled his neighbors and acted with him. When he had no money, he stole money from his wife’s chest.Anyway is a drummed up, even so he made into a medicinal liquor ads, once aired, it hot up, the people in the city are scrambling to buy, companies have no wine, all in his hand, all the medicated wine sold, he easily hair, mercilessly made a fortune, would never quarrel with his wife, also not divorce,He became the first person to shoot TV ads in China, and the small staff of the TV station that cooperated with him was also promoted by the leader because of this matter, and established the advertising planning department and served as the department director.Therefore, a flexible mind is the wisdom to change poverty, thinking clearly, good at learning and thinking, good at using external conditions to achieve their goals, this kind of people will definitely succeed.Three, want to live a good life, can not have bad habits the older generation of people’s life pressure is less than today’s people pressure, but still a lot of people are poor, the family is not happy, most of these people have a variety of bad habits, the most fatal is drinking gambling affairs.”Enjoy life every day in these people,” do not actively work, also does not have a good relationship and leadership, promotion didn’t expect, bonus with the least, everyone is quite a big belly, access to games in mahjong pai gow, every day in the day with smoke fumes, rich food and drink piao wager, don’t have money to go home to find his family’s trouble, also take parents money, love money also rob, a variety of self enjoyment,No one else is human.I wish my children to go to school without tuition fees, no food and drink at home, but I also want to live a good life of my own, a person to eat full family is not hungry.So look very handsome, in fact, each one can be poor crazy, even if there is a little money, they easily ho ho finished.Therefore, without these bad hobbies, will understand what is called life, will understand what is called love, what is called to pay, in order to give the next generation a good example.Life is like a song, as long as we are positive, serious life, work hard, diligent and enterprising, will be able to put their own song to the best of the most beautiful, a better life followed.