“Unspoken Rules” of Toll Station on Expressway

2022-06-07 0 By

Car treasure code of the highway toll station “hidden rules” drive out of the distance will take the high speed, along the way without toll station.But most people only know about toll booths and use them to charge. Few people know that toll booths have some hidden rules.If you don’t know these points, it is easy to be fined or be penalised, please note the following about signs, there are many owners of: a, charge traveling out of the car in addition to the toll station, casually in the whole highway, any road can’t any parking, in addition to cause traffic jams, and dangerous, if the police see, one hundred percent fine.2, charge for returning any change lanes in front of the toll station, many routes to prepare by, many drivers see their driveway line is too long, and the other lanes vehicles don’t have much, if you plan to change lanes, you know to do so is very dangerous, especially easy to scrape accident, accident responsibility to be sure it is your responsibility, at least two hundred yuan in fines.3. The speed of ETC channel is not reduced when crossing ETC channel, which is electronic toll collection system. This channel does not need to stop the car to pay, so many car owners often do not slow down, which is really particularly dangerous.In many traffic accidents, because of ETC when the speed is too fast and hit the crossbar hanging owners have a lot, so do not die, after this channel must reduce the speed.4, the rest of the parking near the toll station to the toll station, so many cars are still in line, so often crowded, and some owners do not have the patience to wait, like to pull over in the open space next to activities.This behavior is very bad, there are a lot of cars behind the line, you do this, if the car behind you get blocked because of you, a ticket will be stuck on your car.5, the toll station opened the seat belt when some owners pay money, because to pay, will unlock the seat belt, so, after paying the cost, no longer put the seat belt, so once caught or seen by the traffic police, 200 yuan and fee, but also buckle 2 points.