Sudden accident!An airport worker was killed

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Qingdao, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) — An airbus A320 aircraft operated by Qingdao Airlines, numbering B-30FG, was involved in an accident at Qingdao Jiaodong Airport in East China’s Shandong Province after a passenger plane rolled over a maintenance engineer who was traveling with the aircraft while towing the airport, killing him, sources familiar with the matter told reporters.Jan 24, Qingdao airlines maintenance accident site.According to public information, it is an Airbus A320neo, which was added to Qingdao Airlines’ fleet at the end of July 2020.Flight data show that b-30FG aircraft last performed civil flight mission on January 23. After completing the changchun-Qingdao flight mission at 23:34 on that day, it landed at Qingdao Jiaodong Airport for maintenance.In the morning of January 24th, b-30FG aircraft was towed to another aircraft station under the escort of the maintenance personnel after completing the maintenance work at the designated aircraft station.In the process of the aircraft transfer, the maintenance personnel who had been in contact with the aircraft under the aircraft was found to have fallen to the ground suddenly by other personnel. The site staff immediately stopped the aircraft towing after finding it, but the follow-up medical staff arrived and confirmed that the maintenance personnel had died.After the incident, Qingdao police responded to the police and conducted investigations on the scene, and the regulatory authorities also participated in the investigation.It was not immediately clear whether the crew was hit by a tractor or had direct contact with the plane’s wheels.Today (January 26), B-30FG aircraft has returned to Qingdao Airlines flight operations, flying a flight from Qingdao.Qingdao police responded to the incident and conducted a survey of the scene. Safety regulators are also involved in the investigation.Qingdao air propaganda department a staff in a desk phone interview, said the accident happened at 6 a.m. 24 January 19 points, a Qingdao airline crew in performing the duty of empty machine dragged off maintenance apron accidents, on-site staff call emergency immediately and call the police, but the crew to rescue invalid death.(Qingdao Airlines Airbus A320NEO, photo source:Vision China) a senior maintenance engineer tells a reporter, before and after the civil aircraft in for repair or perform a flight mission, in order to use the short or the cause of the flight reservation management, need to use special trailer towing was carried out on the floor plane, safety regulation requirements must have maintenance engineers communication under the plane and so on monitoring work, but because the tow-truck driver line of sight,Front-line personnel must pay close attention to potential security risks.Upstream source | CCTV news, news, and news