Focus on scenery hydrogen storage Inner Mongolia to create 100 billion equipment manufacturing industry cluster

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Ordos, April 9, central radio network news (reporter Tian Fengyuan) if 330,000 diesel trucks for electric replacement, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions of 30 million tons per year, saving operating costs of 30 billion yuan.At the vision power battery manufacturing base in ordos city, Inner Mongolia, products that have been off the production line since April are displayed on the stand. The manufacturing base has planned 20GWH of production capacity to produce zero-carbon batteries with high safety and energy density.Zhao Weijun, executive director of Vision Power and President of China, said that once completed, the base will become an important power and energy storage battery production base in China, providing zero-carbon power batteries with high safety and high energy density for more than 30,000 electric heavy trucks every year.Based on the national capacity of nearly 10,000 electric heavy trucks in 2021, it can fully meet the demand of the national market.At present, the upstream and downstream integrated industrial chain formed around power battery and energy storage will add tens of thousands of new green jobs and create hundreds of billions of output value.Clean energy vehicles operational (epicenter wide net ordos municipal network signals do for figure) focus on “scenery hydrogen storage” four key industrial chain, in 2022, the plan of Inner Mongolia energy project 262 to one hundred million yuan, 200 billion yuan of investment, strive to create billions of equipment manufacturing industry cluster, promote autonomous region from the fossil energy regions to clean energy regions.Inner Mongolia has promoted the large-scale and high-proportion development and utilization of renewable energy in an all-round way, built a national new energy base at a high level, and accelerated the distributed development of wind power and photovoltaic.By 2025, the hydrogen energy supply capacity will reach 1.6 million tons per year, with green hydrogen accounting for more than 30%.Desert centralized photovoltaic power generation base (epicenter wide net reporter Tian Fengyuan perturbation) in Inner Mongolia, deputy director-general of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology hall Hu Ruifen said, will seize the development of new energy and new energy in Inner Mongolia alternative market opportunity, from electric cars to build new energy equipment manufacturing and new energy automobile manufacture two characteristics of the industrial chain, creating billions of industry,Drive the equipment manufacturing industry to achieve leapfrog development.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: