Zhejiang girl as the first press release to the world to announce the moment of the Winter Olympics

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At the Winter Olympics, many events can be called “fairy fights”, such as figure skating men’s single free skating.In this year’s competition, China’s Jin Boyang rose from the ashes, creating a personal season’s highest score of 179.45 points in free skating;Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan opened with a historically difficult 4A jump. Despite falling off the ice, this was already a challenge that went beyond winning and losing to fighting for ideals.On this day, Lanxi girl Wu Fumei witnessed these wonderful moments of creating history at the scene, and released to the world through the organization of the press conference.Wu Fumei, the director of the press conference hall at the Capital Gymnasium, shared her real feelings about the Winter Olympics.The men’s singles free skating competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the Capital Gymnasium on February 10, which is undoubtedly the focus of attention of ice fans all over the world.In addition to the gold medal, yuzuru Hanyu can finish 4A in the Olympic Games, Chinese player Jin Boyang can achieve self-breakthrough, also worth looking forward to.Behind the exciting game, Wu Fumei and colleagues have been busy.Half an hour after the end of the game, she will quickly organize more than 10 partners to complete a press conference in an orderly manner.The press conference will be live broadcast on a first-come-first-served basis. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, journalists will not be allowed to enter the press conference hall when the number of people reaches the maximum.As the director of the press conference hall at the Capital Gymnasium, Wu fumei knew that this was a high-profile conference, so she and her friends began to prepare early.Not only should the number of participants be controlled, but also real-time docking with live broadcast and remote simultaneous interpretation, equipment debugging, simultaneous interpretation, language testing, and even detailed table cards, mineral water, table and chair placement.According to the procedure of the press conference, the winner and the third runner-up will attend the press conference.While the highly anticipated yuzuru Hanyu and Boyang Kim did not show up, as expected, the audience in the briefing room reached its maximum for the day, with more than 130 journalists entering.”On the first day of the Winter Olympics, when China won the first gold medal, there were about 80 or 90 journalists on the scene, even more than that day.Wu divided the reporters who entered the press room into three categories, broadcasters, photographers and reporters, and they were seated according to the area to better complete the filming and interview.Coordinated handover, efficient operation, everything runs according to plan.This day’s press conference held smoothly, until about 4:30 p.m., Wu Fumei just a little rest time.Wu Fumei, who was born in 1998 and is now a graduate student majoring in journalism at communication University of China, once announced to the world that China had won the First Gold Medal.In August 2021, after registration and screening, she entered the winter Olympics preparation team work.”After applying, it was mixed at first, assigned to different venues, communicated with each other, and finally decided on the position of director of the press room.”Speaking of that, this is a post with high requirements for overall coordination and comprehensive ability. Wu Fumei thinks that she used to be the director of school party and had internship experience as a journalist when she was an undergraduate, so she may have certain advantages in this post.But really undertake the release of heavy responsibility, for Wu Fumei, the challenge and pressure are not small.It is understood that from February 4 to February 20, the capital Stadium complex will hold two events of figure skating and short track speed skating, will produce 14 gold MEDALS.During the period, the capital Stadium will carry out 30 site changes, involving ice surface, protective pads, landscape, camera locations, relay locations, timing and scoring, temporary facilities and other links, requiring close cooperation from multiple business areas and about 200 people, all completed within 2 hours.Wu Fumei coordinated the work at the press conference site photo source: Venue operation team of Capital Gymnasium Wu Fumei’s press conference hall will organize 20 post-game press conferences successively, and this one will be the ninth one on February 10th.Wu fumei was deeply impressed that Chinese athletes won the first gold medal on the first day of the Winter Olympics on February 5.On this day, the small press conference gathered the eyes of the world. As the director of the press conference hall, she had to restrain her excitement and coordinate the on-site work to release the happy news to the world through various media.That night, she and her friends were busy working until 2 am.At 1:50 a.m., she recorded the moment with a post on her wechat moments: “I am honored to have successfully completed my first gold press conference.Thank you.”Photo source: Capital Stadium Venue Operation team Workplace and campus are really different, such an excellent girl, what kind of growth experience?Wu Fumei is a junior high school student in Meijiang Junior High School of Lanxi City. In 2013, she was admitted to Lanxi No. 1 Middle School by ranking the third in the city’s high school entrance examination. Later, she entered Communication University of China.Many people may be as surprised as this reporter when they learn about Wu fumei’s experience.Wu majored in electronic information engineering as an undergraduate, but switched to journalism as a graduate student.This choice, in fact, shows her control over her life.”I have always been interested in journalism, and my university is also strong in journalism, so I took journalism as an undergraduate course and got a double major in electronic information Engineering and journalism.”In the era of big data, Wu Fumei thinks she can combine the advantages of the two majors. “My major is computing communication, which should be promising.”Not long ago, Wu fumei was awarded the National Scholarship for postgraduates of communication University of China for the 2020-2021 academic year.But school and workplace, after this Winter Olympics experience, let Wu Fumei feel very different.”The Winter Olympics is an international event, a rare event, with a large number of people preparing for it, which requires coordination between different departments in various fields.In addition to media operations, it’s sports, language services, venues and infrastructure, catering, signage, landscape, registration, ticketing, rights protection, medical services, everything. The pace of work and the communication between people is really important.”During her undergraduate years, Wu Fumei has been working in the student Union of the university. In terms of social practice, she has also had the experience of cultural and creative studio, volunteer teaching activities and internship as a journalist. This Winter Olympics is more like a long-term internship for her, and a more real workplace.Since August 2021, Wu fumei has spent almost every working day at the Capital Gymnasium.Here, she came into contact with senior journalists from CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and other news agencies, and constantly learned nutrients from them. “Communication between superiors and subordinates and communication between colleagues is a great test for social skills and emotional intelligence, which is very different from school.”Wu Fumei has not been home for more than a year because of her “preparation” for the Winter Olympics, which is also interwoven with school assignments, academic conferences and graduation papers.She also spent New Year’s Eve at the venue.”Until about 11:20 PM, we were still immersed in the work, there was no atmosphere of New Year’s Eve, until the ice rink New Year’s Eve music sounded, we did not recover from the busy work, oh, it is the New Year ah.”In fact, wu Fumei, like many little sisters in her neighborhood, likes traveling and variety shows. She has also been to many cities alone.Like many netizens, she is looking forward to Yuzuru Hanyu’s performance at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”It’s a pity that he didn’t finish 4A, but I think his love and pursuit of figure skating deserve our admiration.Maybe some stories always want to leave some regret, just can have the exclamation of wanting more.”As a staff member, we need to keep our professionalism and don’t allow any star-chasing behavior,” Wu said when asked if he asked for photos or autographs.(Original title: Zhejiang people at the Winter Olympics | Lanxi girls release these wonderful moments to the world at the Site of the Winter Olympics by Wang Yichuan, editor)