The summer we can’t go back // Wei Ma wants to invite Lanzhan to dinner

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That can not go back to the summer later, met a lot of people, but they are not you, has not been sad, just have a wisp of shallow regret, regret in that summer, encountered young too amazing, and then the people appear, all appear so light.93. Wei Ma to invite Lanzhan to dinner the next day When Lanzhan opened his eyes, Wei Ying’s head was still under his pillow, Lanzhan gently stared at for a while, reluctantly got up.Still call breakfast in and wait for the slacker to wake up.Look at the time, Blue Zhan to call Wei Ying, because today he is going to dadonghai, there are three people waiting for him, if not, Blue Zhan would rather lie in bed with Wei Ying, even if do not sleep, also want to watch him sleep.Wei Ying, who was woken up, opened her eyes and confused consciousness, prattering: “I can’t even sleep late for a holiday. Let them go. I want to sleep.””Come on, you don’t want your mother to know you’re not in the room, so get up quickly and go to them after breakfast.”A word reminded Wei Ying, sandman ran immediately.When they had breakfast, Wei Ying sent xiao Sheng a message: “Xiao Sheng, take my parents to the parking lot, I borrowed a car from Their hotel.”Soon, Xiao Sheng replied: “Gu asked where you were just now, AND I said you went to look for your colleagues.”‘See you later, cousin.’Wei Ying to the parking lot, Xu Xiaosheng with Wei Dad Wei Mom also just walked.Seeing the car beside Wei Ying, Wei ma happily asked her son: “Envy, we are taking this car.””Yes, get in.”Wei Ying said, opening the door.As soon as she got on the bus, Wei Ma opened her mouth.”Envy, this car is the nanny car stars like, the top of the car has stars, the chair is comfortable, can also lie down, Wei, look, there is a small refrigerator.”Ma Wei was as excited as a child in the car.”I want to take pictures and show my little sisters.”After the author shoots fresh vigor, Wei Ma thinks of a question, “envy, Xiao Sheng said your colleague came, is to lend you the car this person, your company is not you one person, is the colleague before, relationship and you good, male and female?”Wei Ying knows that the emergence of this car will be accompanied by many problems, in other words, if the heart is honest, good relationship with the former company party A, now party A plus a partner to borrow a car is nothing, it must be something in your subconscious, afraid of your mother know, you just take this kind of avoidance.”Mom, what do you think, the man, is my former company party A, now my company’s shareholders, the family just come to see their hotel, heard that we are here, lend me the car.””Man, pity.”Wei ma you forget the small rice grain that you admire to decide, the old mama that has a son in the home, seem to have a hobby, namely the girl that is close to with son, want to pull to put in the home.”Please come over and have dinner with him one day when he’s free. It’s not appropriate for us to say nothing when we know he’s coming and using his car.””No, need not, somebody else is so busy, which resemble us all is idle person.”Wei Ying was a little flustered.”It’s his business whether we come or not, and we can’t be accused of being rude.””He won’t mind.””How do you know? Business people are all about reciprocity.Let me know why you are in such a hurry, and they are not likely to come.”At this time, Xu Xiaosheng said: “Gu, he should come, I have seen, Mr. Blue envy very care.””Oh, you have?You’ve only been back a few days.””The second day, Blue Sir Please me and envy eat of meal.””That more want to ask somebody else, envy envy, you ask him tomorrow, see somebody else free not?”The author shot Wei Ying is now a head do not know a few big, he now regrets driving this car has been late.Had to forbear scalp to say: “ok, I say 1, somebody else come not come of I can care.”The car approached Dadonghai slowly.Dadonghai has been praised by Chinese and foreign tourists for its unique beauty. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, dadonghai has blue sky, clear sea, green mountains, green coconut and white sand beach. The beach here is flat and soft, and you can lie on it to bathe in the warm sunshine.Wei Ying jumped happily on the beach, laughing, from time to time bent down to pick up some shells, small crabs and so on, while Xu Xiaosheng was not prepared, picked up the small crabs on his body, and then jumped aside, laughing to see Xu Xiaosheng shaking the small living things to the ground.Looking at Wei Ying like this, Xu Xiaosheng had mixed feelings in his heart and thought to himself: Envy, I really hope you will always be so happy.After playing for a day, it was dark before driving back from Dadonghai.Xu Xiaosheng afraid of Wei Ying too tired, as a driver, Wei Dad wei Mom in the back of the car, borrow the time on the road just take a nap.A good car has a good reason, all the way fast, stable car.Wei Ying also leaned on the back of the chair to take a nap, Xu Xiaosheng glanced at Wei Ying from time to time, the heart like a knife cut pain.He decided to deal with wei Ying’s study abroad matters after the end of the holiday, Wei Ying is walking on a difficult road, the other person’s identity is too special, he wants to let Wei Ying have a retreat, once there is anything he can let Wei Ying away from disputes.Back to the hotel, Wei Ying followed Xu Xiaosheng back to the room, looking at wei Ying fidgeting in the room, Xu Xiaosheng said: “Go and ask Mr. LAN if he is free tomorrow, aunt will invite him to dinner.””Oh, please.”Wei Ying was still a little resistant.”Go ahead and ask and text me.””Well.”Wei Ying went out with mixed feelings.He wanted to find Lancham, but he didn’t want to talk about his mother’s dinner.He had an idea in his mind that he did not want his mother to meet With Blue Cham.Opened the door of blue Zhan room, see Blue Zhan is sitting in the sofa to watch TV, see him back, Blue Zhan asked: “How do you play dadonghai?Photographer again.”Wei Ying lazily walked to the sofa and sat down, very fun, is a little tired, first rest will take a bath.The author shot Lanzhan pull his body, let Wei Ying back to himself, hands on Wei Ying’s shoulder, gently massage.Wei Ying shook her head, satisfied with the chatter: “comfortable.”Press for a while, Lanzhan gently patted wei Ying’s back, said: “to take a bath, go to bed early, tomorrow where?””Xiao Sheng wanted to go to nanshan Temple tomorrow.””No, new plans?””Not, because, because of this car, then talk about you, finally my mother said to invite you to have a meal, Blue Zhan, you can not go.”Wei Ying said hesitantly, the last words is simply.”Why not?””Because you’re busy.””You don’t want me to go, do you?””Not that I didn’t want to, but I thought, oh, I don’t know, I’m in the shower, you can go if you like. I told Xiao Sheng to have lunch tomorrow.”Wei Ying wrapped in a bathrobe out, see Blue Zhan is turning in the room, see Wei Ying came out and asked: “tomorrow to buy your parents what gift is good, your father drink, smoke, these two are not healthy, your mother will not be happy, and your mother, think about what to buy?”Wei Ying looked at Lanzhan, puzzled to ask: “just eat a meal, you make so tight zhang Zhang of why.”Wei Ying, is this a casual meal?For Ramcham, this is a meeting with the parents.Original author, without permission, reprint prohibited, plagiarism will be prosecuted.Beijing Zixia, like food, like travel, like that sentence in the crowd to find him thousands of baidu, suddenly look back that person is in the lights dim.