The engineering technology research Center is jointly established by Guizhou University and the Ninth Hydropower Bureau

2022-06-06 0 By

The two sides signed a strategic agreement on school-enterprise cooperation.Recently, the signing ceremony of the school-enterprise strategic cooperation and the opening ceremony of the Engineering Technology Research Center of Guizhou University was held in Guiyang.Xu Pengcheng, party secretary and chairman of the 9th Hydropower Bureau, and Li Jianjun, Party secretary of Guizhou University, inaugurated the engineering Technology Research Center.Guizhou university for the figure is reported, “water and electricity engineering technology research center” nine innings – guizhou university will depend on the spatial structure of guizhou university research center, school of civil engineering, resource and environmental engineering college of academicians, experts, establish academician workstation and expert workstation, joint research, to build cooperative platform, set up personnel exchanges and exchange mechanism, promote the results into the ground.Hydropower Bureau No.9 — Guizhou University School-enterprise Cooperation Seminar site.Guizhou university for figure on both sides in line with “complementary advantages, mutual win-win, pragmatic and efficient, common development” principle, by integrating advantage resources, the structure, geotechnical, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, disaster prevention and mitigation, environmental governance, etc to carry out extensive cooperation, to positive innovation integration, collaborative education of production and education personnel training mode, build a new model for university-enterprise cooperation innovation and development,To contribute greater wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of Guizhou.(Jiang Feng)