Show business on service construction new development pattern

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The two sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC) have drawn up a grand blueprint for 2022’s development, sounding a clarong for a new journey.Commerce connects China and the rest of the world, and links urban and rural areas. Commerce is important for economic development and serves people’s livelihood.In 2022, how will Haidong Business work?Recently, reporters interviewed haidong City commerce Bureau party secretary, director Li Zhitang.Question: In the government work report, the first task of resolutely implementing the strategy of expanding domestic demand this year is to promote sustained recovery of consumption.How will Haidong play the role of consumption-driven economic growth engine in 2022?Li Zhitang: middle business system this year will further consolidate the circulation service industry development, actively promote circulation service projects to carry out the land, accelerate the commercial pedestrian street, the farmer’s market, traders to wait the market main body construction, build a batch of rich forms, management norms, efficient, convenient, the commercial center of the coordinated development of business style.The city and county should cooperate with each other, government and enterprises should cooperate with each other, and regional interaction should be carried out to accurately match consumer demand, adjust measures to local conditions, and highlight characteristics. Key trade circulation enterprises, mainly limited enterprises, should be organized to promote consumption in various forms, so as to stimulate residents’ consumption and drive the steady growth of “wholesale and zero-supply housing and catering” in the city.Large physical stores such as Haihong International Shopping Plaza in Minhe Hui Tu Autonomous County and Xinghewan Shopping Center in Huzhu Tu Autonomous County are encouraged to innovate their commercial formats, increase consumption of dining, leisure, entertainment and culture, give full play to their advantages in service experience, and transform into intelligent and themed shopping malls and other comprehensive services.In line with the development trend of new forms and models of consumption, we will promote cross-border integration of traditional business entities and online and offline integration, so as to meet the high-quality, personalized and medium – and high-end consumer needs.Give full play to the demonstration and leading role of three provincial characteristic commercial pedestrian streets, namely, Pingan Yi · Hehuang Folk Culture Experience Site in Pingan District, Minhe Haihong International Tourism Cultural Style Street and Huzhu Natun Style Street, actively promote the construction of folk street in Minhe Chuanhai Center and Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, and create provincial characteristic commercial pedestrian street.To create a batch of “night economy” landmarks and integrated development of business, culture and travel card.Reporter: Rural e-commerce plays an important role in promoting industrial development, expanding rural consumption, promoting agricultural transformation and upgrading, and boosting rural economic development. What aspects will the city’s e-commerce exert its power in this year?Li Zhitang:We will focus on the evaluation, supervision and rectification of the national e-commerce project into rural comprehensive demonstration counties, and promote the orderly integration of existing e-commerce service outlets and logistics networks, including postal service, express delivery service and supply and marketing service, so as to realize the integration of multiple stations, resource sharing and warehouse distribution.We will speed up the construction of a three-tier logistics network at county and village levels, with county-level logistics storage, distribution and distribution centers as hubs, township logistics transfer stations as nodes, and village-level comprehensive logistics service stations as terminals, to improve the quality and efficiency of projects.We will work to effectively link rural e-commerce with rural revitalization, explore a new model of developing agriculture through digital commerce, and accelerate the upward trend of agricultural products.Large commercial complexes, shopping centers, convenience store chains, large wholesale markets and other commercial entities are encouraged to use 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things and other information technologies to enrich offline consumption experience, expand online business, and promote the development of smart business circles and digital commerce.Accelerate the innovative application of digital commerce in shopping, service consumption, livestreaming e-commerce and other fields, and focus on cultivating leading local e-commerce enterprises or platforms.We will support key e-commerce enterprises in pioneering and innovating to grow stronger and bigger.At the same time, bold innovation and scientific guidance, incubation and cultivation of local online celebrity brands and cargo experts, to support the development of the livestream industry.Seize the opportunity, correct guidance, promote the certification of agricultural products “three products and one standard”, cultivate and build local e-commerce consumer brands.Reporter: On December 15, 2021, the province’s first South Asia freight train of rail-road combined transport was successfully launched in Our city, marking a new step for Haidong to deeply integrate into the new pattern of economic development with domestic major circulation and international and domestic double circulation promoting each other, and to integrate into the construction of the Belt and Road and deepen international economic and trade cooperation.What measures will Haidong take to promote the development of foreign trade in 2022?Li Zhitang: this year, haidong business system will seriously analyze and study the export-oriented economic development situation, with full use of the country and the province to support the development of foreign trade and economic policies and measures, further increase the support for foreign trade enterprises, enhance the enterprise development confidence and momentum.We will guide foreign trade enterprises to accurately meet consumer demand in the domestic market and expand the domestic market through multiple channels.We will strengthen cooperation with customs, taxation, foreign exchange, financial and other departments and institutions, strengthen policy training and publicity, and constantly improve trade facilitation.We will encourage key foreign trade enterprises to make bold innovations, expand overseas markets, and explore the establishment of overseas warehouses and outlets.Efforts will be made to promote the regular operation of international freight trains from South and Central Asia, and actively launch china-Europe freight trains, striving to build Haidong into a gathering center of goods exported from the province and even the whole country to South Asia.At the same time, we will give full play to the role of ccPIT as a bridge, carefully organize special trading enterprises to participate in all kinds of important activities, use the activity platform to vigorously promote and promote Haidong, enhance the popularity and influence of Haidong, promote haidong enterprises and characteristic products to “go out”, attract international well-known enterprises to invest in Haidong.Seriously organize enterprises to participate in the “Import Expo”, “Ecological Exhibition” and other key exhibitions, actively cooperate with relevant departments to run agricultural products exhibition and fair, and continuously improve the brand influence of the exhibition.