After the year pig price is low, raise a pig not to make money, 30 jins 300 yuan piggy, raise to 260 jins column can lose money

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Now the pig price is relatively low, many people say that no one wants to give pigs for free, but one of my friends is optimistic about the pig price after July.Want to make a sideline now buy 50 piggy, 30 jins a 300 yuan piggy, ask me to be able to catch?Let me do a calculation for him. Is that correct?From 30 kg piglet to 260 kg, each pig needs about 700 kg feed, the feed cost of each pig is 1330 yuan, and the feed cost of 50 pigs is 66,500 yuan. Cost of vaccine and veterinary medicine: the cost of veterinary medicine health care and insect deinsectization and disinfection is about 40 yuan per pig at least.30 catties raise to 260 catties need to hit 2 pseudo rabies, 2 swine fever, foot and mouth disease free, vaccine charge needs 15 yuan, 50 pig vaccine and veterinary medicine total cost 2750 yuan sideline, artificial water and electricity and pigsty do not calculate.The total investment is 15,000 yuan for pig seedlings + 66,500 yuan for feed costs + 10,750 yuan for vaccine and veterinary drugs, and a total investment of 84,400 yuan for 50 pigs.30 catties 300 yuan pig 50 raised to 260 catties total investment is 84,425, pig technology is relatively poor is expected to casualties 5 pigs, develop these 45 pigs equivalent to pig cost price 7.05 yuan.In general.This is not the case of artificial water and electricity and pigsty, what is your opinion on the pig price in June and July