3 million Benz big G road, license plate is 5 Chinese characters, net friend: bump up to play?

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The license plate is a necessary condition for a vehicle to be on the road legally. Some car owners who bought a car without a license plate or bought a smuggling car without a license plate may be opportunistic and do a fake license plate.Major cities in China have spawned businesses selling fake license plates for as little as a few hundred yuan.A special Mercedes G63 SUV was spotted on the streets of Anhui province with three tags on its rear and a fake license plate.Photos posted by Internet users show that the G63 has three round Mercedes logos hanging on its trunk, only one of which is real, while the other two were installed by the owner himself.The G63 has an even more unusual number plate, a yellow plate with five words: “Just don’t sign.”When passers-by saw the license plate of Mercedes Benz, they all said that the owner of Mercedes Benz was too bold. After buying the car, not only did not put on the license plate, but also put on the fake license plate, which was waiting for the traffic police to check, wasn’t it?Some car owners joked that they really wanted to crash into the car for fun. Passers-by had this idea because the car in front did not hang the license plate according to the requirements, causing a traffic accident after the traffic police may send the car to take the main responsibility.On second thought, the Mercedes G63 was sold for 2.47 million yuan, and the land price was close to 3 million yuan, so no one dared to crash into it.A short time later, the Mercedes G63 was spotted by traffic police who spotted the unusual license plate and pulled over for investigation.The car owner told the police that he was using a temporary license plate because his license plate had not been completed.After checking the owner’s temporary license plate, the traffic police found that the temporary license plate had expired. The traffic police judged the owner to falsify the use of the vehicle license plate, detained the vehicle on the spot, deducted 12 points, and imposed a fine of 2,000 yuan on the owner.The owner of the Mercedes was wearing a fake license plate just for fun. He did not expect such serious consequences. After being seized by the traffic police, he felt very regretful.How to punish the alteration of forged motor vehicle plate?According to our country as prescribed in article 96 of the road traffic safety, the pilot forge the change or use forged the motor vehicle registration certificate, plate, driving permit, authorities shall confiscate the motor vehicle and punished with detention less than 15, and a fine of more than 2000 yuan and 5000 yuan, forge the motor vehicle plate, 12 points at a time.But the temporary license plate has expired and the owner must wear a regular license plate.Instead of using a legal license plate as required, the car owner wore a fake license plate with a provocative message, which led to the heavier punishment.The traffic police found in the process of car inspection that many owners have forged the behavior of changing the license plate of motor vehicles, some owners bought a smuggler car, the vehicle can not go through the process of license plate, the owner can only hang a false license plate on the road.There are also some car owners to avoid fines, using a set of license plates on the road.Editor’s comment: The traffic police check car for many years has been trained into the ability of the piercing eyes, it is easy to see the authenticity of the license plate.Many car owners use fake license plates just to avoid fines, did not expect to be found by the traffic police after driving license 12 points all deducted, but also imposed a high fine, this is not worth the loss.Please obey the traffic rules and do not use false license plates.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete