Garlic harvest season, garlic farmers harvest busy

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It is the garlic Ballads harvest period in Han Yuan County, in the fields of the town of the former domain, garlic farmers are busy everywhere, they or the whole family together to harvest the garlic ballads skillfully, or tie the garlic ballads to sell to the vendors, the joy of harvest in the face of the garlic farmers.Arriving at baihe Village in qianyu town, garlic farmers are busy harvesting garlic ballads in green garlic fields.See Baiyuncai, he and his wife are taking advantage of the good weather harvest garlic ballads, baiyuncai said, this year the family to increase the management of garlic seedlings, garlic ballads listed early, high quality, favored by customers around the basic sales do not worry.Baiyun village before the town of baihe, my home is two acres of land, hit more than 150 pounds of garlic, now sold more than 3000 yuan.A bumper garlic crop is not only a boon for farmers, but also a business opportunity for acquirers.On both sides of the rural roads, vehicles can be seen everywhere to buy garlic ballads, garlic farmers through inquiry, bargaining, weighing, loading, the field shows a happy scene of production and sales.Before the town of baihe village baiyun to flower moss to take home to eat, to ensure quality, but not short weight, to maintain the brand of Garlic Bolt Han yuan.The town before the area of garlic bolting planting area of 2100 acres this year, is expected to yield in 2.2 million pounds.In order to ensure the quality of garlic ballads, in recent years, the former town actively guide the majority of garlic farmers scientific planting, standardization, green production, garlic ballads produced good quality, good taste, welcomed by the market, effectively mobilize the initiative of garlic farmers planting.Before the area town committee member organization member luo Sasa is garlic ballads on the market, before the area town to carry out all kinds of publicity and education activities, to guide the majority of farmers honest and trustworthy, do not sell moss, not shovel-quality, very welcome to the majority of merchants to buy.Reporter: Liu Yang hua Wei Yu editor: Liu Yang review: Tang Ping