“Electric fishing”?Sentence!Heal wujiang ecological pain and restore wujiang ecological function by judicial means

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On February 7, 2021, the People’s Government of Sinan County issued the Circular on the Implementation of a Comprehensive Ban on Fishing in key Waters of The Yangtze River Basin of Sinan County. The circular stipulated that the fishing ban covers longdi River National Aquatic Germplasm Resource Reserve of Sinan County and natural river waters of the county.Relevant departments and judicial organs have been paying close attention to and resolutely cracking down on illegal fishing of aquatic products in the Longdi River area.But Wang Mou Jie, Wang Mou fei two people or on the destruction of ecological “electric fishing” illegal road.Make “fishing man” “fish” on November 14, 2021, wang jie, wang mou inside the closure by the end of SiNa County dragon river next to the disable operation of electrical equipment at the end of the dragon river fish in fish, using battery, switch, two electric rod, a fish, the fish tail, 138 a blue backpack including 12 tail mandarin fish, yellow hot butyl 123 tail, fire mozi 2 tail,Miscellaneous fish 1 tail, a total of 3.6kg.After being seized, sinan County People’s Procuratorate, the public prosecution organ, filed a public prosecution and an incidental civil public interest lawsuit to dejiang County People’s Court.The trial held that the two defendants violated the laws and regulations on the protection of aquatic resources by illegally fishing aquatic products in prohibited fishing periods and areas, and their acts constituted the crime of illegal fishing aquatic products.Given the second defendant voluntary confession forfeit, realize their own behavior in wujiang river basin, loss and damage to the fishery resources and aquatic biological resources, affect the ecological balance and biodiversity, damaged the serious consequences, such as national and social public interests, and actively take measures to discharge, repair the damaged ecosystem, formulate proliferation have penitence performance, etc.The case was pronounced in court on February 10, 2022, and Wang was sentenced to four months of detention with a six-month suspension.Wang mou sentenced to three months of detention, probation for five months.And the judgment attached to the civil public interest litigation defendants Wang Mou Jie, Wang Mou fei in accordance with the fishery authorities recognized the time, place and fish specifications of 6000 fry.Through “proliferation and release”, let “fishermen” become “fish releasing people”, heal the ecological pain of Wujiang river and restore the ecological function of Wujiang River by judicial means.Graph:In court sentenced the scene in the corner of the damage “fishing” how much “fishing” is one of the country’s ban on fishing methods, with the method of grid tool to implement “fishing” behavior, no selectivity to catch objects, this approach will directly lead to electric catching area aquatic organisms die, escape of fish its physiological function could suffer different degree of damage,The ability of locomotion, predation, disease resistance and recognition will be significantly reduced, and it is easy to lead to sterility, resulting in variation of fish genetic characteristics, gradual depletion and even extinction of fish resources, which seriously threatens the balance of human living environment.The electric current released by “electric fishing” will also cause damage to fish bait organisms, and have a very high lethal effect on phytoplankton and benthic organisms. The uncaught dead fish sink to the bottom, rot and affect water quality, causing secondary pollution of the water environment, and then lead to “desertification” and “vacuumization” of the whole water area.With the continuous upgrading of “electric fishing” equipment, the output voltage can even reach 1000 volts, in addition to serious harm to fish reproduction, but also poses a great threat to personal safety, and the tragedy of death and injury caused by “electric fishing” occurs from time to time.Graph:Source network takes office in accordance with the law, in accordance with the trial, “fishing” illegal wake-up call DE jiang county environmental protection of the people’s court, the court to xi jinping, ecological civilization thought as guidance, firmly practice the concept of “green water castle peak is the jinshan silver”, give full play to the environmental resources trial functions, adhere to the concept of restorative justice, with the power of the rule of law to protect mother river, wujiang riverIn addition to imposing sanctions on illegal fishing, we should give full play to the function of educating the public and guiding the whole society to participate in the action of ecological and environmental protection.At the same time, it actively promotes the implementation of environmental public interest litigation system, strives to write a new chapter in the construction of wujiang ecological civilization, and provides a strong judicial guarantee to meet people’s new needs and expectations for a better ecological environment.Source: Tongren Court