Byd Yuanplus is officially on the market, priced from 131,800 yuan,

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Today is February 19, BYD Yuan Plus officially launched, after watching the press conference, I feel that the car has something, according to the official website, the order has broken through 20,000 units, brothers really fast, this car is based on the E3.0 platform to build the first A-class tide running SUV, let’s take A look at its configuration.First of all, BYD Yuan Plus provides two endurance versions, respectively 430km and 510km endurance. A total of 5 models are launched, respectively 430km luxury model, 430km distinguished model, 510KM honor model, 510KM flagship model, and 510KM flagship Plus version.The indicative price range is 131,800 to 159,800 yuan.First look at the appearance, BYD YUAN Plus length, width and height are 4455/1875/1615mm, the wheelbase is 2720.The whole front face uses the latest DESIGN elements of BYD, through the type of chrome plating, the middle of a “yuan” child LOGO, the whole under the surrounding or with the Tang and Song dynasty, there are many similarities, equipped with air vents, which also appears to be more sports.From the side, the waist line runs directly from pillar A to the tail, and there is A “dragon scale” logo on pillar C, which adds A sense of sport and A sense of elegance.The side and tail aspects of YUANplus still continue byd’s consistent style, which is very similar to Song Plus and Tang DM. It adopts a penetrating taillight with BYD’s SLOG written on it.Compared with other BYD models, THE yuan Plus is younger, with a 15.6-inch central control screen, a 5-inch suspended LCD instrument, and a dual-color interior with speed blue and power gray.Yuan Plus interior control display file put adopted thrust type electronic gear, there is a fly, on either side of the outlet, like a dumbbell, regarding his party store content also designed the red string, sit in the car, there is a can not only exercise, can play the feelings again, and the entire interior of the construction line feeling very full.In terms of the power of the outlet, the maximum power is 150 horsepower, the maximum torque is 310 nm, and the 100km acceleration is 7.3 seconds. The battery is equipped with BYD’s unique technology of lithium iron phosphate blade, which can be charged to 30% to 80% of the power in 30 minutes at the fastest.Do you have a crush on this newly launched BYD Yuan PLUS?