Xindi has adjusted the passenger taxi fares from 5 yuan for 2 kilometers to 6 yuan for 2 kilometers

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Today (February 19), xinji Development and reform Bureau issued a notice on the adjustment of xinji passenger taxi fares.In order to promote the healthy development of Xinji taxi industry, according to relevant regulations, on the basis of price investigation, cost supervision and examination, price hearing and other procedures in accordance with the law, the xinji government has decided to adjust the freight rate of Xinji passenger taxi.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: Freight rate standard: The starting price is adjusted from 5 yuan for 2 kilometers to 6 yuan for 2 kilometers.If the passenger mileage does not exceed 2 kilometers (including 2 kilometers), the fare will be charged at the starting price;The part over 2 km will be charged according to the freight rate of vehicle km.Other freight rates remain unchanged, namely: 1. Freight rate of vehicle kilometers: 1.6 yuan per kilometer.2. Empty driving fee: no empty driving fee is collected within 6 km (including 6 km). 50% empty driving fee is added on the basis of freight rate per kilometer after 6 km one-way.3, waiting fee: every 5 minutes to increase the rate of 1 km, no waiting fee within 5 minutes.4, night charge: between 23:00 at night and 5:00 in the morning of the next day, an additional charge of 0.2 yuan per kilometer.Why are taxi fares adjusted like this?1, xinji city taxi basic situation Xinji city existing passenger taxi for a total of 682 vehicles, respectively affiliated to xinji city AnYun rental vehicles, xinji city, kaiyuan xinji city car rental co., LTD., shentong automobile rental car rental co., LTD., co., LTD and xinji city bonanza four taxi companies, self-employed, self-financing.The four taxi companies are responsible for unified management, business training, collection and payment of various taxes and fees, operation and inspection procedures.2, Xinji current taxi fare standard Xinji taxi fare is formulated in April 2012, the implementation of xinji [2012] no. 5 document provisions.The starting price is 5 yuan (2 kilometers), and the freight rate is 1.6 yuan per kilometer.After one trip of 6 kilometers, 50% idle charge will be charged on the basis of freight rate per kilometer. No idle charge will be charged for round trip.Each waiting 5 minutes to increase the rate of 1 km, less than 5 minutes will not be charged;From 23:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning of the next day, an additional 0.2 yuan per kilometer will be charged.3, taxi starting price adjustment basis and reasons (A) taxi operating costs rise.Most of the vehicles are replaced with new models, which increases the cost of vehicle price, depreciation, insurance and maintenance.Staff wages have risen, resulting in higher operating costs.According to the cost supervision and examination of Xendi Price Certification Center, the annual average mileage of Xendi taxi in 2021 will be 110,000 kilometers, and the annual average mileage of passenger will be 52,800 kilometers. The annual operating cost of a single vehicle will be 133,713.72 yuan, up 47.22% compared with 2012.(2) The income level of taxi drivers has decreased.The passenger reduces, the taxi empty driving rate increases, the passenger load rate drops substantially, causing the taxi driver income level to decrease.The labor intensity of taxi workers in Xinji is high, with the average daily working time being more than 12 hours. In 2012, the annual driving days averaged 330 days, and since 2018, the annual driving days averaged 345 days.Taxi drivers have health risks.In summary, according to the “Price Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the National Development and Reform Commission “Government formulated price behavior rules” and “Hebei Province price Bureau about printing and issuing